Aurora Borealis

As promised, here is “Aurora Borealis: North Wind of the Dawn.”

This quilt is available for purchase on my Etsy site.  Click here to visit.

View of the pebbling from the back…



The quilt measures 25 inches square and is made of 100 percent cotton, both hand dyed and batik.

*Note:  This post is scheduled to “go live automatically” during my quilt guild meeting when all of our challenge quilts are revealed.  I will return at a later time and provide you with a link to see the quilts that others have made!

What do you do…

when you really want to post something every day, but don’t have anything new to show?


You post something old. 

Don’t you love summer flowers? Now that autumn is here in the United States (and winter is not far behind, you can bring them inside with this tan and blue pillow with yellow accents! The cross stitched flowers sing around the center of the pillow; the quilted edging in three colors ties in all the flowers and makes them jump alive in your home!
The pillow has been designed with your needs in mind. The polyester pillow form pops out easily with a velcro fastener on the back. Dry cleaning is suggested for the 16 inch square pillow top.






This pillow is available for purchase and would make a GREAT Christmas gift for someone on your list! 

I’m back…

My hubby reminded me this morning that I haven’t blogged in awhile. SORRY! Sometimes life just gets in the say. Here’s what’s been going on:

<-Remember this mess? THANKS to my wonderful hubby Dean, It has been greatly improved:

A nice “Lemon Pound Cake” paint, a new storage cupboard (doesn’t yet have the doors on it) and some cleaning and sorting yet to do, and I’m making headway. It’s still not a “finished” basement, but much improved and I’m liking it.

Critter Report
Our little pond has new life! This little froggy is probably one of the babies born last year here. His buddy, a new baby turtle, is camera-shy and wouldn’t let me take his photo yesterday despite several different attempts. The little fellow is about 1.5 inches in diameter and cute as can be.

Speaking of little things, I made a few little business card holders yesterday that ended up in my Etsy shop; here’s one of them.

That’s it for now… hope you have a GREAT week!

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One UFO at a Time

A few months ago, I made of list of my UFO’s that I wanted to finish. Oh, I have more, but the list only contained the ones I wanted to complete. I must say, it’s been fun being able to cross them off the list!!! This block, and the others I am finishing, measure 10 inches square when finished. They are from a block of the month I was following last year on the Quilting Arts Forum. The BOM was for all pieced blocks, but I love applique mixed in with piecing. It seems to give it a more graceful touch (at least in my mind). One more block to finish, and then I can put the top together. I think I will hand quilt this one. It’s not a large quilt… more like a wallhanging. I miss hand quilting!
I spotted this little sweetie on Etsy this morning. Aren’t the colors yummy? It’s called “Starfish,” and is a Fine Art Print on Watercolor. The description by the creator is:” A beautiful 8″ x 10″ archival print on 10″ x 12″ Somerset Velvet watercolor paper. Fits any standard 11″ x 14″ mat and frame (not included).” You can see or buy this and many other great items at . As a quilter, I am drawn to great colors. PaperArtStudios has some of the best colors blended together I have seen in a long time. Please do check it out!!!

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A UFO… And it isn’t in the air (yet)

I’m determined to finish my UFO’s and improve my sense of organization. (YEAH, RIGHT). No, really!!! I made this block tonight to help finish a quilt I started over a year ago. It’s not going to be a large quilt, more like a medium-sized wall hanging. It has a theme… can you figure it out? Take a guess and post it in the comments. The person who comes closest will win… something. Not sure what yet – let’s make that a mystery! If two or more people come close to guessing the right answer, I’ll draw a name from that group. HINT: Read the title.
I’ve spent a lot of time lately on Etsy looking around at all kinds of things, especially quilts. There are some really nice things, and then there are some, well, not quite as nice items. Some of the prices SHOCK me!!! How can you make a full-sized (or Queen or King, even) quilt and only charge $170? The fabric and materials alone would come close with today’s fabric prices at just under $10.00 per yard! Front, back and batting… plus the time you put into the quilt has to count for SOMETHING, doesn’t it? I’d like to see prices be affordable for people, but I think on the other hand, if we don’t start upping the prices we are giving away our artistic talent and hundreds of hours of our time for very, very little.
I took a look at some very gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics online today (not on Etsy). They were fabulous, and priced between $15 – #30 for under one yard. Ridiculous? I don’t think so! Someone bought the dye, mixed the colors, bought the other solutions and powders to complete the process, paid for the fabric, spent the time dying, cleaning up, cutting, ironing, etc. That time has to count for something. Here are a few of my favorites; take a peek!
Visit Etsy yourself and do a search for quilts. You’ll be surprised what you find!

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