Hop on the Motorcycle – Or Not!

If you live where the climate is warm year ’round, having a motorcycle can be a really fun thing. Unfortunately, living in Michigan (USA) reduces your opportunity to enjoy anything that is best suited for warm times… swimming pools, motorcycles, playing golf, etc.

Because we have four seasons – which I absolutely love – it also means that SOME people have seasonal allergies. I am one of them. Every fall and spring, my allergies flare up and turn into the mother of all upper respitory infections. I’m on the down side of one right now, and it’s driving me nuts.

But, I managed to “hop on the motorcycle” by creating H5-Michael’s Motorcycle for my Dear Sammy Jane quilt.
Hope your weekend is a great one, wherever you live. I’ll leave you now while I go find more tissues.

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The Colors of Fall

I love fall. It’s my favorite season. In Michigan, you never know if the colors are going to be good; it depends on the weather. This year, the weather has cooperated, and colors are gorgeous, as you can see from these beautiful pictures of our yard that Dean took yesterday.

The first photo is looking out at our pond. It’s in our little fenced-in side yard. This time of year, the pond area really needs cleaning up. Looks a little scraggly.

The second pic is looking out over the naturalized portion of our back yard. We live in a subdivision on the very edge of town. We were the first to build here, and because of the beauty behind us, we chose to keep a portion of our yard natural. We like the wildlife, birds, our deer, etc. So we only have grass around the house out back. This picture shows why. It’s beautiful!!!
The third pic shows our pergola that Dean built some years ago, and our bird garden to the right of it. We get a LOT of birds, and this is where we have most of our feeders and our backyard birdbath. We can watch the birds from our windows and our deck (that you see peeking out of the left corner of the picture).
The fourth photo shows the very back of our yard, looking down the “deer trail” that goes down the hill to the creek. We own all of that, too. We call it “the flats.” It’s a pretty steep, narrow trail and the deer use it to go up and down the hill. They like to come up and eat the apples that fall from our ancient apple tree. Colors down there have just started to turn!
Here’s a quilt I made some years ago based on the colors of fall. You can’t see the small triangles, but there are different greens, golds, blues, rusts…
Fall is definately a big part of my color wheel no matter WHAT season we’re in.
Hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall, wherever you might be.

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Cats and Cathedrals

This furry rascal likes to be near me wherever I am. Last night she wedged herself between the wall and the back of my laptop. A very narrow space, but toasty where she can watch mom. She gets upset if I’m away very long, and last night after dinner, I made my way to the basement to sew the little triangle block, below. Dean was on the treadmill down there, and we don’t let Stormie in the basement when the treadmill is going, so she was by herself upstairs, being VERY lonely. By the time I returned to the upstairs, she was fit to be tied.
The block here is LS-10, Megan’s Cathedral. Not enough contrast in the colors, but the focus fabric is one I remember fondly. It is from a shirt I made for myself probably 25 years ago. The block is paper pieced, but at the very bottom there are two triangles on the edge that I appliqued (rather than inset).
I did a little wandering around on the Web this morning, and visited Joe Cunningham’s website. I love Joe’s work. It has an eye-catching appeal, and the man is a FANTASTIC quilter. Check it out! It wouldn’t be fair to mention Joe without mentioning my friend and former neighbor, Mary Schafer. What a wonderful lady she was!!! She is now in the Quilter’s Hall of Fame, and you can read about here here.
OK Gwen, let’s include your website, too. I wish you’d get online up there on Beaver Island! If you want a great quilt retreat, head up to Northern Michigan with Gwen for a fall retreat.
More later… work is calling.

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Family in Fall

I love October in Michigan. You never know what the weather will be like. Here’s a photo of my son Sean, his wife Kim and grandson Jacob carving their pumpkins. Notice the short sleeves? Usually this time of years it’s between 45-55 degrees in mid-Michigan. Not in this photo! You could almost go swimming in the lake!
See if you can spot my granddaughter in the photo…

Fall and Roosters

I love fall. It’s my favorite season of all. I took a walk today with camera in hand, planning to shoot whatever grabs my eye. Most of the neighbors have cut their perennials down, readying them for winter’s cold and snow. Not me! I like to leave mine for the snow to dust… I like the way it looks covered with snow. There’s time enough to cut everything down in late winter/early spring, just before everything wants to burst through and get ready to bloom.

So, I shot a few photos by my front door. I love my cement rooster. I always thought it would be fun to have chickens… and a rooster, of course! Don’t know what I’d do with them, but they give me that “down on the farm” feeling that I adore. I would have made a great farm girl, as long as I didn’t have to work in the fields or shovel poo.

My rusty trellis needs some vines growing on it. I think in the spring I need to plant something to give it a little green, but I don’t want the plant to overtake the charm of the flowers. I’ll spend some time this winter looking for just the right addition. Funny how we hate rust on some things, but love it on others!