30 Things: Number 25


25. If you could have dinner with anyone in history, who would it be and what would you eat?InezandArvelShook

I never had the opportunity to meet my paternal grandparents.  They passed away before I visited my biological family in Georgia in May of 2011.  If I could, I’d like to have a private dinner with them in their old home in Young Harris, Georgia.  I have so many questions about their life, beliefs, relationship with God, family history and how they raised their children.  I understand that my grandma was a fantastic cook, and she was also a quilter.  I would hope she would cook a meal that she has cooked for her family on a regular basis, and show me how to prepare it.  After dinner, of course, we would sit down and chat at the quilt frame. 

30 Things: Number 3


Number 3:  Describe your relationship with your parents.

15I was adopted when I was four months old.  My adoptive parents were told they couldn’t have children after they had tried for several years.  So when they got me, they were delighted!  When Mom was 6 months old, her father died and she was placed in The Episcopal Children’s Home in Pittsburgh.  She lived there until she was 18 and out of high school.  Living there was difficult for her, and she missed out on a lot.  It wasn’t a normal upbringing, that’s for sure.  As a mother, her childhood experiences caused her to be very possessive and extremely strict.  I have always had somewhat of a rebellious personality, which often clashed with Mom’s need for control.  Mom was a great seamstress and made most of my clothes, including my prom dress.  I taught her how to quilt.

My Dad backed my Mom up on most things (it was easier), and he was also running a small business that kept him pretty busy.  Because he grew up in the Depression, he has always been very frugal (I can think of other ways to say that, but this is probably the most kind way to say it!).  Dad read to me almost every night for years.  We read the classics, fairy tales, short stories, and read many of my favorites (and his) dozens of times.  It was my favorite time of the day!

My Mom has been gone almost 6 years now, and my dad is 90 and lives near me for half of the year.  The other half finds him living in a warmer climate where my brother Bob, (who was a surprise, born when I was almost 9), keeps an eye on him. siblings

I mentioned that I was adopted… I have met my biological parents and their families…my paternal side is from Georgia, the maternal side from  Michigan.  I now know where my musical ability comes from, as well as my love for quilting (both from my paternal side!).  All totaled up, I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters… that I know of!  As my brother Michael and I joke, we never know when another sibling will pop out of the woodwork and surprise us!

It’s all good. 


Is it just me, or has autumn been extremely busy?

We celebrated grandson Fischer’s first birthday at their house.

Candles Big brother Jacob got to light Fischer’s birthday candles (this was a first)
age 1 cake

Fischer with his mommy looking at his cake

photo Thoroughly enjoying birthday cake with almost every inch of his one year old body.
Loren.Sam.2012 Uncle Loren did Samantha’s fingernails for her!

new office


I’ve been busy at work with a new position as Quality Training Coordinator and a move to our new office space at Corporate.  Office still not quite done in this photo… but we moved in yesterday.


In every spare moment, I’ve been working on hand piecing my feathered star quilt.  The main portion of the quilt is now complete, as shown here:

















I’m playing with a few different options for the border.  This is one that I like, however I don’t think I will go with it.  I think it will give the quilt a heavier look, and I don’t want that. 


So stay tuned and you’ll soon see the finished top! 

The Hand: A Pictorial Story

How important is a hand?


A hand helps you hold your phone…


Two hands can hold a ring bearer’s pillow with wedding rings


Which in turn get placed on the hands of the people getting wed…


Sometimes bad things can happen to a hand…


like when you slip on the ice and break it in several places.

But a good orthopedic surgeon can put it back together with the right training and a steel plate in an Ann Arbor, Michigan hospital.



Fortunately he had the good presence of mind to pull his wedding ring off right after he landed on the ice, realizing what he had done and preventing the ring from needing to be cut off.

Surgery was Thursday.  It hurts.  But in time it will be as good as new. 

Bring on the ice pack! Poor Loren.

Mom’s Featherweight Singer, circa 1937


Special thanks to the Woodworker for detailing mom’s old Singer Featherweight sewing machine for me today.  This machine (Model 221-1)has been in my basement since 2008 when Dad told me to take it home with me.  Mom passed away in the spring of 2007, and for awhile he didn’t want to part with it.  Mom always intended me to have the machine, but I honored his need to have it in their house. 

My mom received this machine as a gift from her Aunt when she graduated from high school.  She sewed all her own clothes, and when I was adopted, she sewed most of mine until I was about 8.  She made all my dresses for high school dances (except for one), including my prom dress.  Everything was sewn on this machine.

So Mom’s machine has been in my basement for a few years.  I couldn’t bring myself to bring it out and put it to use, as it brought back so many memories.  Now I want to let the machine continue her work, so dear hubby was kind enough to go over the machine today and clean it up.  It was in pretty good shape and fairly clean.  Now I need to learn how to use it!  It threads differently than my old Bernina and Pfaff machines, and it has only two stitches:  forward and backward. 

I know I can do this.  Mom’s up there watching over me. 

“Family Threads” has a new home

I made the quilt below for my brother Michael and his wife Karen.  It was made in the Spools quilt pattern and includes pieces of fabrics from quilts I have made through the years, some dating back to the 1970’s.  It also includes some fabric from my mother and my aunt (my father’s sister) that date back to the 1930’s and 1940’s.  The quilt was made as a surprise for them for Christmas, and I’m excited to share that they have received the quilt and love it.  It will hang on the wall in their home.

The back was pieced using fabrics left over from the front and includes a hanging sleeve to make life easier.


Stormie the Quilt Inspector gave approval for shipping, even though she knew it was going to a home with a dog (Nutmeg).  Way to rock the Christmas spirit, Stormie!  Hopefully I can share a photo of the quilt – called “Family Threads” –  in its new home in the future.

If you’re a quilter, you know the love that goes into every stich of every quilt you make.

May 2012 be filled with lots of loving stitches!

Merry Christmas


Christmas is a wonderful time to reflect back on happy times with your family and friends…

The good times eating holiday treats… 

Baking and decorating…

Evan2011 Pets of Christmas past…

The wonder of it all…

Christmas with your siblings…


Piles of presents…


Laughter and love…DSC02331May it all be yours this Christmas day.

Merry Christmas

from the Mosey family!