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Did you know that more than half of all Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year?

smallbusinesslogoAs part of National Small Business Week, coming May 4-8, 2015, the U.S. Small Business Administration takes the opportunity to highlight the impact of outstanding entrepreneurs, small business owners, and others from all 50 states and U.S. territories. Every day, they’re working to grow small businesses, create 21st century jobs, drive innovation, and increase America’s global competitiveness.

My father owned a small flower shop in our little town of Flushing, Michigan.  The shop was called the “Caron Lee Flower Shop;” Yes, it was named after me.   My Mother-in-Law owned an antique shop downtown (Trudy’s Antiques), my husband owns and operates Mosey’s Woodworks, and as you may know, is my online baby. 


Caron Lee Flower Shop


A small business needs a few things to help make it successful:  a good product, a commitment to quality, dedication to good service, and…customers.  Honesty, integrity and a good work ethic are critical qualities in a small business person.  Without those qualities, the business will not last.                                     

As quilters, we love going into a quilt shop where we can pet the fabric, use all of our senses to see, touch, hear, and yes, SMELL the fabric and atmosphere around us.  Quilt shops have been known to have cookies and coffee on hand (taste!), and I think any quilt shop I have ever walked into had a bell on the door. Most shops I frequent also have a cat or dog somewhere on the premises.

Caron2 may not have a door for you to walk through, but we do have Stormie the (furry) Quilt Inspector here to monitor traffic.  There is usually a coffee pot running and munchies on the counter.  Our shop is continually adding products that YOU have requested.  If you have quilting questions, you’re always welcome to send an email and you will receive a response from a hand quilter with 40 years’ experience… not someone behind the counter who has never made a quilt. 


I can honestly say that since the business opened in June of 2014, I have had the most wonderful customers!  This has been a learning process for me…and you have all been fantastic about sharing ideas, suggestions, and caring support.  If I had to name just one thing that I wish I could change, that would be the cost to ship your goodies to you. It’s out of my control.  But my husband enjoys building remote control vehicles, so who knows… maybe ours will be the first online quilt shop with a drone to bring you your packages!


Hand Quilting Supplies

205 Brookside Drive. Flushing, MI U.S.A. 48433

A beautiful day

The Woodworker and I like to go walking in the early morning hours on Saturday. Today was a beautiful day to do that!  Sixty-five degrees out, not too humid, the sun was starting to come up, and the birds were talking to us all along the way.  We’ve had a lot of rain the past two days, which we really needed.  Near where we live, there is a creek that flows under one of the main roads.  In the summertime, the police have an extra job to keep the neighborhood teenagers from swimming in the creek.  We walked by the “swimming hole” this morning, and with the added rainwater, there was a pretty good eddy going. You could hear the water rushing; it actually was pretty loud!


My daylilies have been sluggish this summer, what with the lack of rain and all.  I finally got a few that wanted their pictures taken.

1 2


I think I need to work on my garden beds to prepare them better for next spring. Add that to my list of “to do’s.”

Flushing Class of 1974 Reunion

Did you graduate from Flushing, Michigan in 1974? If so, join your classmates on Facebook! The “Flushing, MI Class of 1974” just started a few weeks ago, and it’s building up steam quickly. We’d love to have you join us for a Facebook Reunion! You don’t have to travel back to mid-Michigan to meet up with your old friends. We’re right here, sharing what has gone on… and what’s happening now. Join the fun!

It’s easy. If you’re not a Facebook member yet, it’s free. Go to the Facebook website and set up your profile. Once you have done that, look for friends from Flushing Class of 1974. Then, search for the group “Flushing, MI Class of 1974” or Caron Mosey and we’ll get you into the group. It’s a lot of fun!

Go Raiders!

Caron Covert Mosey

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A Front Porch Kind of Evening

We had a beautiful evening last night here in
Flushing, Michigan. I started the grill, then went out and watered the flowers, most of which are in pots scattered around the yard. I threw the chicken on the grill, hubby came home, and everything was perfect. Then the rain blew in out of nowhere! The chicken survived under the lid of the grill.

Actually, it was a beautiful evening, even with the rain. It was one of those great summer rains… a little thunder, a little lightening, then a peaceful, warm rain. The kind I used to love when I was a kid. I’d sit on the screened porch on the glider with a good book (sometimes two) on my lap. I loved to read on those kinds of evenings, listening to the rain come down and the thunder rumble. I’d get up and go outside when I knew there was a strong possibility of a rainbow.

Dean and I went outside last night and saw the beautiful rainbow off to the south. It was stunning! But I missed having a porch. My next house WILL have one. Maybe a partially covered deck, too, to protect my grill.
I love the American front porch. Do you have one? Please share your photos on your blog and post a comment below so we can all see! This is one in Selma, Alabama, USA. Selma is the second oldest city in Alabama (behind Mobile), and has the largest contiguous historic district. It is known for its Civil War and Civil Rights history.
I’d show you my front porch, but there isn’t room to sit on it. Not really a porch. Sad, sad me.

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So beautiful in Michigan… and California…

I wish I had been able to go walking outside yesterday morning. It was so beautiful with our 11 inches of Mid-Michigan snow on the ground. Dean got out and shoveled and utilized his big, manly snowblower that I haven’t used yet. This pic of the front of our house gives you a little peek at the depth of the snow. Everything was so crisp… the kind of morning that makes you just want to stand there and breathe in the clear, clean, cold air. But work called, and I made it in. Lots of people did not. I’m surprised how many people drive 45 minutes to over an hour to get there! The Saginaw people saw about 18 inches of snow! Yowza!

For a drastic opposite of the photo above. visit Debby’s Journal Quilt blog. Ok, I change my mind. Forget the cold, crisp snow. I want to be HERE! Yes, you should click on the link and go check it out. Makes me want to be sitting on the pretty white bench looking at the birds.

If you are in Mid-Michigan like me, perhaps you have been to the The Quilter’s Garden quilt shop that USED TO BE at 302 1/2 S. Leroy Fenton. Guess what? They have moved! Their new location is at 1364 N. Leroy, Fenton. Lots more room and better parking too! Just travel from their old location 1.3 mi. north on S. Leroy to the Fenton Towne Center plaza, on the right (east) side of N. Leroy. They are in the plaza at the opposite end from the new VG’s Grocery Store. Cheap commercial plug for them. Didn’t cost me a cent!

Am I the only one who is getting tired of the 2008 Presidential Election already? I know who I want to vote for, and it isn’t a woman. Not sure I could take another 4 years of their family in the White House. That’s it… my political rant for the month. I’ll shut up now.

Time to sign off for the evening… Dean is home with a yummy pizza from our favorite pizza place. We’re going to fill up on pizza and play chess, listen to some good music…

Yes, one CAN have fun without quilting. Sometimes. Maybe.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful

I made it home from work safely last night, though driving was difficult. Roads were almost impassible, and it was near whiteout conditions driving in the Michigan snowstorm. You know it’s bad when the local malls start closing! I was scheduled to teach for Ferris State University from 6-9, but I notified my students in the early afternoon that class was cancelled. Then less than two hours later, all the colleges in the area closed. Smart move! This morning, the reporters on tv are telling everyone that can possibly stay home to do so. I’m debating whether or not to go to work today. I should be there, but my job isn’t a critical healthcare position, so I’m debating.

So, what better to do in these conditions than sew?!? I sewed the Dear Jane Block of the Week, K13-Brandon’s Star. Quilting always relaxes me, and this was fun to make. I had to dig to the bottom of my “blue tub of fabric” to find this old print. I think this is one that I used on the back of the quilt I made for the Flushing Historical Society in the 1980’s! The “Flushing Sesquicentennial Quilt” was made to celebrate our history, and local citizens paid $5-$10 each to sign their name on a brick. This money went to help pay for a brick walkway downtown in Riverbank Park. The quilt hangs in the museum, less than a mile from my house.

The photos you see here of the quilt are from a page in my first book, America’s Pictorial Quilts published by the American Quilter’s Society.

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