How Do You Store Your Quilts?

I’m running out of quilt storage space. It’s a marvelous problem to have, but perplexing never the less. Here is one space I have quilts resting. These are some quilts I did long ago. Yesterday I spent a little time unfolding and refolding so as to not have permanent creases. I do this about four times each year. This corner cupboard (made by my hubby in the late 70’s) sits in the corner of my dining room. If it were somewhere other than the dining room, it would probably only hold quilts, but since it’s where it is, we put other things on the shelves and “up top.”

Where do you store your quilts? I challenge you to post a photo on your blog!!! Send me a link and I’ll post it here.

In my quilt folding yesterday, here are a couple I shook out (keep in mind that they are earlier quilts!)

I’ll post some other pics later of other “unfolded oldies.”

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Visit Etsy for Furniture!

My husband now has some of his furniture online at

Please check it out… you never know what you might find!

His Etsy shop is HERE

His workshop website is HERE

Beautiful Table – Money for Missions

I have a VERY talented husband in the furniture business. Dean not only is one of Michigan’s best restoration experts (probably THE best), but he is a talented woodworker as well. Our church is raising money for missions, and Dean made this beautiful hall credenza to help in the efforts. The table dimensions are 42L x 15D x 30H. It’s made of American Walnut & Curly Hard Maple. It has a light, airy feel that is enhanced by uplifting curves that appear to pull the table upward. The highly figured split top floats lightly over the base to further convey a cloud-like feel. Take a look at the detail photo, below.

If you are interested in this table for yourself – or maybe for a great gift for someone – please contact Dean directly at either his website or via email at nmosey at A portion of the purchase price goes to the mission fund at Flushing United Methodist Church.