Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 5

I squeezed in some Christmas Day sewing this afternoon and evening.  It was a relaxing way to unwind after all the excitement.  Good music on the stereo, good conversation with my dear hubby, a good glass of white wine… very peaceful and perfect.
The photo below shows the progress on the quilt to date.

This portion of the quilt (inside the red line) has been hand quilted enough to remove all brass pins holding the three layers together.  The innermost 9 blocks have quilting on either side of all sashing strips, however these 9 blocks still need quilting inside the block.   My goals now are to:
1) Quilt on both sides of ALL sashing on the complete quilt, removing brass pins as I go. 
2) Quilt the outermost border and outermost band of blocks around the entire quilt. 
3) Trim outside edges and put a row of machine stitching one-quarter inch inside the edges to hold in place
4) Quilt all of the rest of the blocks
Here is what the back looks like now:

Quilting in this phase included the following blocks:
Gathering Basket by Nancee Marchinowski of Michigan

Economy by Caron Mosey of Michigan (me)

Dove by Betty Grant of Texas

The quilting within each blocks depends on the individual block’s design.  Some blocks are getting simple quilting, some are more elaborate.  The applique’ blocks tend to get outline quilting around the shapes (one or two rounds, usually), while the pieced blocks are being enhanced with quilting that will not detract from the design, yet supply enough design and stitching to hold in place.  I hope that makes sense!
Quilting on either side of the sashing will be a tedious very boring job, but getting rid of the brass pins will make it easier to stitch.  The thread tends to find any pin it can find to wind itself around!

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Have you made plans?

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Every morning, I receive an email from Google Alerts that brings me a list of news articles / blogs / websites that have been updated in the last 24 hours which include the words quilt / quilting / quilts in them.  And just about every day, one of the news articles is an obituary for a quilter.  Here’s an example: Mildred Julia Mabrey.


I didn’t know Mildred, but she lived to be 97 years old and was an avid quilter, generously giving to her family.  Please say a prayer for Mildred and her family.

As I look at my list of updates from Google every morning, it causes me to stop and think; what will be said about each of us when we are no longer on this earth?  Will our final words include our color preferences for fabric?  Will it show statistically how many yards of fabric we have on our shelves?  Or how many quilt books we have accumulated?  How many UFO’s we have stashed in our closet?  Can our final paragraph talk about the quilts we had drafted in our mind, so clearly planned, in fact, that we had visualized the completed quilt right down to the design in the stitching?  Probably not.

This is not meant to be a morbid post.  But just as we should all have a will in place for that time, I think we should also have a plan in place for what will happen to our quilts and stash when we can no longer sew.  My friend and neighbor Mary Schafer had explicit plans in place for her vast collection of quilts.  Many went to the Michigan State Museum in Lansing.  Many went to her niece.  A few went to close friends.  Her stash and books were also dispersed; I have some in my own home. 

Who will appreciate your quilts, fabric, books, tools, sewing garbagemanmachine(s) and buckets of spools when you’re gone?  Plan carefully.  Don’t let somebody put them in a garage sale or at the end of your driveway for the garbage man.  Put your plans in writing, and put them with your will.  Let your family know your wishes.

But don’t leave for awhile;  You still have lots of quilting to do!

This ‘n That

Do you use a blog reader? This past week, I introduced my hubby to Google Reader and I think he’s coming to enjoy it. I regularly read many other quilt blogs with Google Reader, and it makes keeping up with my online quilting and blogging friends MUCH easier. Check it out!

I used to be a real estate agent… up until December of last year. I am still getting a LOT of phone calls, and I get a lot of people coming to my website looking for real estate information. SORRY! There are many great Realtors out there, and I am happy to recommend these to you:

Cheryl Moberly in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area
George Keely in the Flint, Michigan area

Cheryl took over my listings and real estate business when I left real estate, and George is my friend and a real estate broker, one heck of a great Realtor. If you need real estate information, please contact one of them.

Speaking of houses, do you like the Bungalow style of home? Then check out Bungalow Pros . This company is located in Madison, Wisconsin, but their website is GREAT! Not only do they have plans for building bungalows, run an interior design business, but they have a retail shop as well. I LOVE their stuff!

I sewed a little block today… A-4 of my Dear Jane quilt. I like doing a little sewing each day. It helps relax me, quiet my body and brain. I have a quilt top I need to get hand quilting on, but it isn’t sandwiched and pinned yet. Also, with the baby coming in mid-February, I don’t want to spread myself too thin. I tend to do that and get too many projects going at once. I need to get started on Samantha’s christening gown, so the hand quilting will have to wait awhile, I’m afraid.
Ready for a giggle? You may have heard the Christian song “Jesus Take the Wheel” before. It’s a pretty song. Check out this video version. It will put a smile on your face. Be sure to turn your speakers up, and be prepared to smile.
Have a great weekend!