How do you choose which quilting project to work on?

If you are reading this blog, chances are pretty good that you are a quilter.  And, if you are indeed a quilter, you have within your DNA  a unique bit of biological information that makes it nearly impossible for you to only work on one quilting project at a time.  Rather, it renders you utterly indecisive. Let me help you understand by giving an example.

I have many projects in various stages of completion. 

1) Redwork Owl DSC02875
2) My own Jane Stickle variation IMG_1915
3) Barn Owl

(Yes, I know, there is no owl there… yet. Leave me alone!)

Barn Owl
4) Feathered Star ESQG presentation
  5) Purple Reign Floral

It should be noted that this list does not include quilts which exist only in my brain.  I have found that QIB’s (Quilts in Brain) can be more dangerous than quilts which have

  1. emerged into semi-reality based on hours spent in Pinterest or magazine reading
  2. fabric which has been selected and is already in the home
  3. a sketched design
  4. any measuring that includes a ruler/yardstick/tape measure

And WHY, you might be wondering?  How can a QIB be dangerous?

A QIB sneaks into your consciousness at a moment’s notice.  It stays there, driving you crazy, and you try to force yourself not to think about it.  You tryg to make it go away.  But no.  You start seeing the design in your mind.  At first, you just see the shapes.  Then the shapes turn into various different color combinations.  The combinations morph into thoughts of needing more fabric.  And then quilt size becomes an issue.  If you must make it, how large of a commitment will this be?  Tiny?  Huge?  You don’t know how much fabric to buy.  Thoughts of a whole bolt tickle your brain.  It makes sense.  With a whole bolt, you will certainly have enough.

Eventually, you will begin to wrestle with yourself.  An argument ensues. 

“I really should not begin another quilt until I finish X number of quilts I have already started.”

“Yes, but this quilt will be SO FABULOUS!”

“But it will require me to spend more money on fabric that will just sit in my stash, taunting me.”

“I know, but if I don’t buy the fabric now, it might not be available when I need it.”

“Yes, but how will I hide the fabric once it is in the house?”

“I can put it in my sock drawer.  Nobody will find it there.”

“I will want to start the quilt as soon as I buy the fabric.”

“No, I won’t.  I will be strong!”

“OK, yes I will.  But this should be an easy quilt to piece/applique, and I can get it done in no time at all.”

“What about the quilt I am working on now?  That will never get finished if I start another one.”

“Yes it will.  I must finish that quilt.  But I need to start this one before I forget it!”

  “I need to find my car keys. Have you seen them?”


Yes, it seems funny.  But you and I both know there is a ton of truth here.

How do YOU stop the madness?  What is YOUR secret?

Funny site… check it out

I just happened upon a VERY funny (and cute) website that you definately should check out. I Can Has Cheezburger features nothing by photos of cats – and a few other random critters) with funny sayings… Be careful if you click on the link, because they have so many pages to look at, you will get hooked.

Dad is now back in Michigan. He arrived safely last night, and seems happy to be home, though he hates the snow on the ground. Here’s a favorite picture of mine… taken seven years ago in January. He was in Arizona and Bob took the picture when they were at the park playing with Brendan.

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Quilted Northern – or something!

The first time I went out to dinner with my soon-to-be husband and his parents, we went to Zehnder’s Restaurant in Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is the German town in Michigan that has all the chicken-serving restaurants, the huge Christmas store called Bronners, and the famous Beer Fest in Summer. Anyway, this photo of the cat leaving a trail of toilet paper – I can top it.

We went to Zehnders and had a marvelous dinner. Before dessert arrived, I had to use the restroom, and being female, of course, we travel in pairs. So my Mother-In-Law to be went with me. On our way out of the restroom, we were chatting and laughing, and ended up back at our table at the FAR end of the restaurant. So we had to walk through the whole entire building to sit down. As we neared our table, I heard a lot of laughter and turned around. Everyone was staring at me. Somehow, I had a long trail of TP attached to the heel of my shoe. It extended all the way to the bathroom, where it was still attached to the roll. OH MY GOSH! Talk about embarrassed!

This was almost 33 years ago, and it still makes me laugh. What great stories can YOU share? Click on COMMENT and share them with us!

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