How do you choose which quilting project to work on?

If you are reading this blog, chances are pretty good that you are a quilter.  And, if you are indeed a quilter, you have within your DNA  a unique bit of biological information that makes it nearly impossible for you to only work on one quilting project at a time.  Rather, it renders you utterly indecisive. Let me help you understand by giving an example.

I have many projects in various stages of completion. 

1) Redwork Owl DSC02875
2) My own Jane Stickle variation IMG_1915
3) Barn Owl

(Yes, I know, there is no owl there… yet. Leave me alone!)

Barn Owl
4) Feathered Star ESQG presentation
  5) Purple Reign Floral

It should be noted that this list does not include quilts which exist only in my brain.  I have found that QIB’s (Quilts in Brain) can be more dangerous than quilts which have

  1. emerged into semi-reality based on hours spent in Pinterest or magazine reading
  2. fabric which has been selected and is already in the home
  3. a sketched design
  4. any measuring that includes a ruler/yardstick/tape measure

And WHY, you might be wondering?  How can a QIB be dangerous?

A QIB sneaks into your consciousness at a moment’s notice.  It stays there, driving you crazy, and you try to force yourself not to think about it.  You tryg to make it go away.  But no.  You start seeing the design in your mind.  At first, you just see the shapes.  Then the shapes turn into various different color combinations.  The combinations morph into thoughts of needing more fabric.  And then quilt size becomes an issue.  If you must make it, how large of a commitment will this be?  Tiny?  Huge?  You don’t know how much fabric to buy.  Thoughts of a whole bolt tickle your brain.  It makes sense.  With a whole bolt, you will certainly have enough.

Eventually, you will begin to wrestle with yourself.  An argument ensues. 

“I really should not begin another quilt until I finish X number of quilts I have already started.”

“Yes, but this quilt will be SO FABULOUS!”

“But it will require me to spend more money on fabric that will just sit in my stash, taunting me.”

“I know, but if I don’t buy the fabric now, it might not be available when I need it.”

“Yes, but how will I hide the fabric once it is in the house?”

“I can put it in my sock drawer.  Nobody will find it there.”

“I will want to start the quilt as soon as I buy the fabric.”

“No, I won’t.  I will be strong!”

“OK, yes I will.  But this should be an easy quilt to piece/applique, and I can get it done in no time at all.”

“What about the quilt I am working on now?  That will never get finished if I start another one.”

“Yes it will.  I must finish that quilt.  But I need to start this one before I forget it!”

  “I need to find my car keys. Have you seen them?”


Yes, it seems funny.  But you and I both know there is a ton of truth here.

How do YOU stop the madness?  What is YOUR secret?

Why I didn’t sew yesterday

IMG_1959[1] IMG_1960[1]
bird black swans
McCaw something
chickens goat

We visited my youngest son (Loren) and his wife (Margaret) yesterday in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  What a fun afternoon!  We had lunch in an Irish pub downtown, then went and visited “her animals” where she works for a veterinarian.  I had such a fun time, I though I’d share some of the critters with you! 

And because I know you’re REALLY here to see some stitching, I’ll toss this in so you don’t feel neglected.


Happy New Year from Michigan Quilts!



The last time we partied on New Year’s Eve was when my son Sean and his wife were married.  It was the best party we ever had on that festive night, and we really enjoyed ourselves.  My parents were also married on New Year’s Eve, though I was not there.  My son Loren’s wife was born on December 31st, so for our family, we have many reasons to celebrate.

So in honor of the occasion, my husband and I were asleep in bed by 10 PM Michigan time. I figure the new year will get here whether I stay up late or not, so I opted for then not.  And the Woodworker can snore on the couch or bed, so he was good with it.  Happy New Year!

Santa was very good to me this year, as always.  Santa knew about my list, of course, which I posted on Celebrate Hand Quilting. He supplied me with my favorite fabrics from the Moda Etchings line…








I love my new iPhone and downloaded the Robert Kaufman quilting app.

Reasons-for-Quilts-CoverTSanta slipped me some mad money, and I bought the book Reasons for Quilts by Edyta Sitar.   Love, love love this book!

As long as I’m mentioning quilt books, to go along with the Occupy movements and the BUY AMERICAN philosophy (for those of you reading this who are from U.S.A.), please, whenever possible, purchase quilt books directly from the author.  Quilt writers put SO much time and effort into their books, and their royalty payments really don’t compensate for their hard work (writing, designing, making patterns, creating directions, etc.).  When you buy directly from the author, you’re compensating them more for their work which will keep them writing more.  It’s like the philosophy behind supporting your local quilt shop (LQS).  So if you want Edyta’s book (which I think you will), please go here to get it: .owlmug


Santa remembered how much I love owls and brought me this adorable coffee mug that I just love!  If you click on the mug it will take you to a place where you can get one for yourself from the artist Jennifer Falter.



Loren and Margaret also remembered that I love owls and gave me these shakers:








Today is my last day off work with The Woodworker.  We have nothing planned… it’s a “relax and do what you want” kind of day.  I think I’ll try a little sewing.  I have a mug rug to make!

Happy New Year!

Have I Told You I Like Barns?


I take pictures of barns when we’re out riding. 

I usually have a camera with me; either my Sony digital or my Blackberry.  The Sony does a much better job, but the Blackberry is handy and will work in a pinch.


I’m working on a quilt with a barn in it…

Here’s a sneak peek…076

It will also have an owl in it, but he’s not there yet. 

If you follow my blog, you know I also love owls.TwitterOwl

Have You Seen This Fabric?

What am I?I want it so bad I can taste it.  It’s perfect as a border for my Redwork Owls quilt, yet I don’t know who makes it.  It was spotted in the latest issue of the Keepsake Quilter catalog as part of a set of red fabrics.  And yes, I did contact Keepsake.   Here is what they wrote back:

“I’m sorry the fabrics used in the collections are not available as yardage.”

I just want to know the name of the manufacturer.  That’s all. What does the selvedge say?

If anyone who reads this has seen the fabric, please let me know!

All About Owls

Are you sick of them yet? Yes, I have a thing for owls.

If you are also an owl lover (and I know you are out there, because I hear from you!), here are a few great sites to check out with owl quilts, owl fabric and so forth:

Drop on over to Knit One, Quilt Two to see some adorable owl coasters!

A pattern for a little owl quilt and bag are for sale at the Quilter’s Warehouse.

Check out this Hand Quilted Wall Quilt – Cute Owls!!!

And then there’s this cute owl quilt at Gather and Nest Love it!

Follow this link to the Patchwork Angel’s website and a great pattern for an owl quilt.

There, that should hold you over for a little bit! Hoot Hoot!


More Owls

I’m still working on my redwork owl blocks. I love this little guy! I decided to put a red border around them with the curved corners before I sew them all together. I like the gentleness of the corners. One of these days, these little guys will be done!


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

DSC02246What a relaxing day! We went to the early service at church this morning, then went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We spent a good part of the afternoon putting up our tree and decorations, which was fun. Dean is making something for dinner that is fabulously yummy (judging by the fragrance wafting in from the kitchen). I love it when he cooks! He’s a great cook!Wendell

Tonight, we’re going back to church for a concert by Wendel Werner. Wendel is an awesome pianist from the Tennessee area. He plays at our church just about every time he is out on tour. If he comes to your area, I highly recommend him! He’s so talented, funny, spiritual, and has a great voice. He was named “Composer of the Year” by the Tennessee Piano Teachers Association, and has several CD’s out. You can find them on his website. They make great gifts!!!

I hope your day has been as much fun as mine!

Have a hoot this week!

DSC02244 Caron (and Hootie)

Stay Out of the Rain

I’d hate to be a wild animal. Every time it rained, you’d be stuck out in the weather, no matter what the weather might be. I love the rain. I love a soft, gentle rain. I love a thundering, booming, wild storm. But I love them from the shelter of my house.
Poor animals!

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An Owl and a Snowflake Melt… in September!

I haven’t worked much over the last two weeks on anything but Jake’s Ninja Turtle Quilt. I’m trying to get that done by the end of this coming weekend. I think I just might make it!!! I’m past the half-way point of machine quilting it.

Last week, I missed making the Dear Jane “Block of the Week” for the first time. I wrestled with myself Sunday night to sew it, but after painting at Sean and Kim’s house most of the day, I was plumb tuckered out. I’m the kind of person who sets goals and stresses myself out over them. I have to keep telling myself that my life doesn’t depend on getting things done in MY OWN set deadlines. But now I’m dealing with the guilt from missing a week. I know, I need serious help!!!

But, today is only Wednesday, and see – I got this week’s BOW completed! I had a fun, relaxing evening last night hand piecing this block, H-9 Snowflake Melt. Come pat me on the back!

I finished this little redwork owl recently for my owl quilt. No self-imposed deadlines on this. Just little stitchery blocks to fiddle with when I want something relaxing to sew on. I love owls!

No work tomorrow, as I travel to Houghton Lake for a funeral. So sad to be only 27 and suffer so. God bless you, Ryan Earegood. You were a good man, and will be sadly missed by many.

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