March Calendar Block


The March calendar block is based on a traditional quilt pattern called “Snails Trails.” It was made using paper piecing, which is an easy way to get perfect blocks. If you haven’t done paper piecing before, this is actually a good block to begin with, as it only utilizes triangles! I was going to do a tutorial on paper piecing, but found an excellent one by Marcia Hahn at Quilter’s Cache. Why reinvent the wheel when she has done such a nice job?

The block is done in the colors of the Irish flag, in DSC03201celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. There are some great green prints out there to choose from… I loved this one which kind of resembles a four leaf clover if you scrunch your eyes up. See what you can find! I had some left over white-on-white fabric from my January block, so that worked for me.

Please don’t forget to post pictures of your blocks for the rest of us to see… and let us know where to find them!

Happy sewing!

Paper Lanterns 2009

If you have been following my blog over the last year, you know how much I’ve struggled with this quilt. It should NOT have been hard. But I used metallic thread, and as much as I love the shimmer of the gold on the quilt, I hated sewing with it and would probably not use it again. If you click on the photo below, you can see a larger version of it.

Cudos to my hubby for rigging up a quilt hanging system in the basement so I could get photos of even my largest quilts. This is not a big quilt, but it’s nice to get the whole quilt on one wall for pictures. Now to get better lighting so it doesn’t look washed out. The colors aren’t right… the wall is yellow.

Paper pieced Japanese taupe quilt
Machine quilted on a Pfaff Hobby Grand Quilter
Next Generation Frame


A Great Day Sewing

Today I woke up determined to get some good sewing time in. I worked on one block for my Dear Jane quilt, called “Dad’s Plaids.” No, there is no plaid fabric in this block.

I also completed two of the right side triangles. RS2 – “Cherokee Lee” has 22 little pieces in it! That’s a lot for a triangle only 5 inches wide and 8 inches tall! I included a piece of Japanese Taupe fabric in this triangle.

RS4 – “Dutch Apron” only has 15 pieces. It went together very quickly compared to Cherokee Lee! I inherited a bag with some fabric from the 1930’s and 40’s from my Aunt Jean when she passed away. The pink print in this block I took from a piece of clothing that was in the bag. By “piece of clothing” I mean it wasn’t the whole article of clothing… just the bodice of a dress or top part of a top. It seemed like the perfect fabric for a triangle called “Dutch Apron.”

The two triangle blocks made today use a form of quilting called “paper piecing.” If you look closely, you might see a peek of paper around the edge of one of these blocks. If you have never done this type of piecing before, there is a good tutorial at the Quilter’s Cache.
I LOVE Saturdays! This is the last one in December… glad I could use it wisely!