Dear Sammy Jane Update

A few days ago, I finished this little block, C-7 Megan’s Mountain Laurel.
What a pain in the behind! Pardon the photo – I wanted to get it scanned quickly before work, and I can see that it’s not dry in the center from ironing. But what a fiddly little block! I did this block twice – once by hand, once by paper piecing. I better not say any more or I’ll say something I shouldn’t. How did Jane do her quilt all by hand?!?!?!?

A few people have asked me to take a picture of the entire quilt so far. I have each block in its own sandwich-size bag with a label on it, so I don’t want to take them all out to get a photo. This will have to suffice. This is what I have completed so far; as you can see, I have a lot more to go! I’ve been doing the Block of the Week each week, and started doing the Triangle of the Week, but stopped. I do blocks as I feel like them in between, but have worked on completing whole rows as well. Now I am working on Row D, with 6 more blocks to go. This quilt will not be finished this month, friends!!!!!!!

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Soldiers, Sailors and a Rhodi

The last Dear Jane block I finished from earlier in the week. Not too bad… applique and piecing. It’s called C-11 Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Much better looking than the block I am fighting with right now, C-7 Megan’s Mountain Laurel. What a struggle that block is! I’m at the point where I’m about ready to put it on my rotary board and run over it about 20 times with my rotary cutter. Do you ever feel that way? ARGH! But it’s the last block I need to do for row c, and I want to get it done and move on to row d. Geesh!
The phrase of the day at work today seemed to be “Calm down, go to your happy place.” So ahhhh, now I’m at home and my rhododendron is in bloom. Isn’t the color fantastic?! I love these flowers, but this poor plant won’t seem to grow very much, and its losing its lower leaves. I’ve had it now for about six or seven years. I need a rhodi expert to give me some suggestions. Any takers?
Jake and Sammy are coming tomorrow to spend the night while their mommy and daddy go see Tom Petty. I think I will have more fun than they will!!! Really looking forward to their visit. Jake just turned four last week. Time to bring out the floor-size dinosaur puzzle I have hidden away!
Have a great weekend – I know I will!

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Memorial Day Sewing

We don’t go up north or usually plan anything special for the long Memorial Day weekend. It’s a nice weekend to hang around the house, do whatever we want to, play in the yard with the flowers, and for me, do some sewing. This first little block is C-12 Family Reunion. I know some families plan reunions for the Memorial Day weekend. We don’t.

Memorial Day is a day that was set aside to honor all the patriots who lost their lives serving and protecting the United States and her people. This block, C-10, is called Patriot’s Lantern. Quite fitting for today, don’t you think?

The last little block in the cute orange print is C-9, Jane’s Tears. I would imagine Jane shed quite a few tears when making her quilt in the time of the Civil War.
Richard Trevithick lost his life in the war in Iraq. Both he and his wife, Kristen, were former students at Gaines Elementary in Michigan, a school where I used to teach. I knew both Rich and his wife, who were both wonderful students from great families. Please click on Richard’s name and read about him and consider making a donation to the scholarship fund his family has created in his memory. Missing you, Richard.

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Patriot’s Lantern

Last night I paper pieced block C-10 Patriot’s Lantern for my Dear Jane quilt. Seems fitting, as Memorial Day is coming next week. Looks kind of squirrely here, but in person everything lines up just fine. I hate my scanner. Why can’t it scan a square so it LOOKS like a square? Geesh!

I’m off to work this morning, then tomorrow hoping for sunshine so Dad and I can go plant flowers on my grandparent’s graves. It’s too far for him to go alone, and it will be my responsibility far too soon, I’m afraid.


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Tic Tac Toe, Anyone?

There is nothing so pleasureable as playing tic tac toe in school when you’re a kid. Sneaking in a game when the teacher isn’t watching is something ALL kids do. This little block is C-4 Tic Tac Toe of my Dear Jane quilt.

Grandson Jacob gave me pictures for Mother’s Day. He sure can pose for pictures, can’t he? He’s a virtual ham! He turns four this month. Very hard to believe it’s been that long! When we were getting ready to leave the buffet on Mother’s Day, I was helping the kids get ready to leave. Jake looked at me very seriously as I was fussing over Samantha, and said, “You know Grammy, she’s MY baby!” I asked if I could love on her from time to time, and he said “Yes, but you have to ask!” Too precious!

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More Dear Jane

I’ve been slowing down on my Dear Jane blocks while finishing Samantha’s gown. Here are three more I just completed:E-4, Buffalo Tree Hopper, C-8 Hani’s Crown, and the first triangle in the bottom row (an easy paper piece!)
Off to water the new grass and wander around the yard.
A Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!

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The Graduate

I’m so proud of my daughter-in-law. She took 3 college classes this semester to finish her degree, and graduated from Eastern Michigan University this past Sunday. Part way into the semester she gave birth to my granddaughter Samantha, and also worked full-time doing bookkeeping. That’s dedication, and I don’t know how she did it, but we’re all SO proud of Kim!

The family went out to Olive Garden for a yummy celebration lunch. Sammy slept through most of it, and Jacob was a happy eater. I must admit, he has inherited the family bread gene.
Jacob went to the graduation to see his mommy walk across the stage, while Samantha spent her first night at Grammy and Bumpa’s house. She will be three months old this Friday, May 2nd. She slept like an angel and was a very good baby. We had lots of cuddle time! Sammy had her first visit to our church, her first trip to the grocery store with us, and was carefully watched by Stormie the cat. I love this picture of her in her floppy hat, ready to go have lunch and celebrate her mommy’s accomplishment!
I squeaked in a little hand quilting last night while I watched tv. This is C3-Rayelle’s Fence.
Have a great day!

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A Glorious Weekend

It was such a nice weekend outside here in mid-Michigan! The sun was shining, the birds were not only singing but flocking to my bird feeders! I spent some time in the yard dividing and replanting some day lilies, raked around the goldfish pond, and other assorted odd yard jobs. I’m a little stiff and sore today, but that comes with spring I guess.

I did some more work on Samantha’s christening gown… the sleeves are now done. They were very difficult, but now DONE. Next I need to assemble the front, back and sleeves into one unit and do the neckline. I’m a little scared.

The little block above is from my Dear Sammy Jane quilt, called C1-Trooper Green’s Badge. Cute, easy little block. I also tried doing the bottom left corner of the quilt, but that gave me fits and I stopped. I was paper piecing it, and I think I need to try again with hand piecing. Another day, I think.

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Little blocks I forgot to post

How could I forget to share these little blocks with you?

From top left:

  • B-13: Four Corner Press
  • C-13 Lakota Sioux
  • L-8 Box Kite

Being spring, I felt the urge to freshen up my blog’s image a little bit. I needed something less wintery… Does this do the trick? Please let me know what you think in the comments below.


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A Long Week

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I posted. I’m at the tail end of this semester for both Ferris and EMU, and I’ve had SO many papers to grade. There hasn’t been time for very much else, especially quilting and blogging, so forgive me.

The best laid plans… never seen to follow through the way you hoped. I planned to start Samantha’s christening gown last weekend, but when I opened the box and pushed aside the tissue paper, my wedding dress was covered with mildew and rust stains! I could have cried, but I didn’t. (Did do a little cursing though!) Anyway, I put the dress in the washer and soaked it in Woolite and Cascade, and that helped a little bit. Not enough, though. Today after my last Saturday class (I have to give them their final exam) I’m planning on going on a hunt for Oxyclean. Everyone tells me it works miracles, so we’ll see.

I’ve tried to keep up with the Dear Jane Block of the Week even when I’m busy. I let the Triangle of the Week go until I have more time. Here are a few I have completed recently:

C2-Streak of Lightening

K8-Springbrook Park, Paper pieced

H6-Pie Sale

All the kids and grandkids are supposed to come up tomorrow, Sunday. Can’t wait to see everyone! My dad will also be over. He hasn’t met Samantha yet, so he’ll get to hold his only Great Granddaughter! He will also get to meet Loren’s sweet Margaret. I’m going to take lots of pictures, and will post some when everyone goes home.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

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