Dear Jane Progress Report

A quick report on my Dear Jane progress. I’ve slowed down to focus on Jake’s quilt, but have tried to do a few blocks each week. Today, I did the block to the left, called “E-12 Mary Ruth’s Corset.” Fairly easy paper piece, but in thinking ahead, I wish the quilt fairies would come over some night and pick the paper pieces out of my finished blocks soon!

Below is a peek at the quilt thus far. I’m planning on putting cornerstones between the blocks in the sashing, probably in a deep maroon color.

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I haven’t been doing much work on my Dear Jane blocks lately… but I HAVE been quilting! Here are the latest blocks I have finished. Top left: E7 Bread Basket, paper pieced (not perfect, but it is done). Next: G12- Gloriae, hand pieced and appliqued. I took artistic liberties with this one. If you compare it to the one in the Dear Jane book, you’ll see that the corners are different. I love the purple fabric, and wanted to see more of it got lazy. The last one is a little difficult to see the differences in the focus fabric and the background. It is block E8-Mamma’s Maze. It shows up much better in person than in the scan.
Why is it everytime I scan one of my blocks, it shows up with threads all over it, or I have forgotten to rinse out my blue fade-out lines? Oh well, at least you know I’m working!
Have a great week!

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I really enjoyed sewing these blocks. There’s nothing like a new sewing machine to make you smile! It’s like sewing through butter… just as smooth and quiet as can be! I’m getting used to my new Pfaff Grand Quilter by sewing blocks before I put it in its big Next Generation frame. I’m not a patient person, but I think this time is time well spent.

Row D is now complete, and I’ve started on row E.


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More Dear Jane

I’ve been slowing down on my Dear Jane blocks while finishing Samantha’s gown. Here are three more I just completed:E-4, Buffalo Tree Hopper, C-8 Hani’s Crown, and the first triangle in the bottom row (an easy paper piece!)
Off to water the new grass and wander around the yard.
A Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!

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One quilt, two blocks

From The Woods To The Water, 1983

I’ve been meaning to share this quilt on my blog, but never got around to it. I don’t like this photo, though, as it looks all washed out. I made this quilt for my father’s retirement in 1983. It is 82″ x 82″, machine pieced and hand quilted.

This little Dear Jane block is E-1, Aunt Exie’s Phlox, hand appliqued.

The little pink block is H-4, Abbey’s Eyes, hand pieced. Love the bright pink fabric!!!

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An Applique Sort of Evening

I felt like doing some applique work last night, so I stitched on this little block, E-11, “Wagon Wheel.” I’m really pleased with how it turned out! It’s nice when your stitching doesn’t fight you!

When I came home from work yesterday, it was snowing pretty hard. There was a beautiful cardinal outside my kitchen window eating at the birdfeeder. Alas, by the time I got out my camera, he was gone and other birds were feasting.
Shortly after Dean got home, he went to the sliding door at the back of the house to look out, and there were 3 deer wandering around our back yard. He had me come over to look, and then we spotted another 8 deer in the neighbor’s yard. Sadly, one of the deer had an injured front left leg. She kept trying to walk, and they waited patiently for her before going down the hill to the creek. I don’t know if she was hit by a car or had a broken leg, but it was very difficult for her to walk. We tried to get some photos, but the snow and the setting sun made it very difficult to get a good picture. I’ll watch for her in the next few days and see if she’s doing any better. I don’t know what to do to get her some help. Breaks my heart to see an injured animal!

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