Autumn Aster

This is block F-9 Autumn Aster

You have to look carefully, as the color values are fairly close and the pattern doesn’t jump out at you. I appliqued this block, and it was enjoyable to sit and stitch on it. I usually struggle with the “melons” but this time they didn’t give me any trouble and actually cooperated with me.

Nice to sit and stitch on a cold, windy night, isn’t it?

Stay warm~

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100 Dear Jane Blocks

This is what 100 blocks and 13 triangles looks like!!! I started this quilt on Dec. 26th, 2007. This evening, I stitched block 100. I’m so excited… I might just finish this baby!

<– This is block K2 – Grandpa's Chickens… and SO easy!

The one below is F10 – Potholder.

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Dear Jane, Take Two

Still plugging away at my Dear Jane quilt…

This is block F5 – Parcheesi. For those of you who don’t know Parcheesi is an old game. I remember my grandparents playing it!

The second block is F1- Big Top. An easily pieced block, just be careful with all the bias edges.

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Are you on target?

Successful people don’t just happen overnight. They work at it. They set goals. They strive to be better, taking classes, fine-tuning skills and techniques. They tackle the unknown. They push the boundaries and force themselves to think “outside the box.”

Are you a dedicated quilter? Do you take classes? Do you set goals for yourself? Even a quilter who quilts for relaxation can enjoy and see improvement from taking a class or two.

I need a few classes. I enjoy paper piecing because it lets me accomplish things I might not be able to hand or machine quilt without the pattern. But often times, it’s not easy for me. I need a good instructor to help me get over that. I love to applique, but some things are a struggle, like sharp inside corners. I’d love to take a class in dye techniques… just for fun. And outside the quilting arena, I am longing for a basic art class. My goal is to take one of the classes above before the year is out.

I’ve noticed in some of my recent blog posts that I complain about not having enough quilting time. Time to quit whining and set aside a little time each day. Time to hold myself to task.

Barack Obama spoke to a congregation on Father’s Day about improving their lives and the lives of their children. He said, “All B’s? Is that the highest grade?” Obama said. “It’s great that you can get a B, but you can get a better grade. It’s great that you’ve got a job, but you can get a better job.” He was talking about improvement. I can improve. So can you.

The block above is for my Dear Sammy Jane quilt. It’s block F-11, “On Target.”
I’m going to write down a few goals and post them where I can see them. Why don’t you do that, too? Let’s check in at the end of the summer and see where we are.

Can you stay “On Target?”

Take up the challenge to improve your quilting. Post one goal in the comments section, then let’s check back at the end of September and see how we did.

Have a GREAT sewing week!

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Only One Away From 50

No silly, not years. Already crossed that line, thank you very much. One more block to go before having 50 of my Dear Jane blocks completed! Yippie!

F 13 – Tour de France B 11 – Melissa’s Cross

B 5 – Hot Cross Buns

B 7 – World Series

Think the Tigers will make it to the World Series this year? Fingers crossed…

Tonight is my final teaching class for my Wednesday night group, then next week the final. So another long day today.

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