Hey Mom, What’re Those?

“Those are lotz bigger than the birdies, Mom.”

“Those are even bigger than the squirrels, Mom!”

“I don’t know, Stormie, let me look. Scoot over so I can see.”

“Hmmm… those are baby deer, Stormie! They’re eating our apples that fell off the tree!”

“Where’s their mommy, Mommy? Don’t they gotta have a mommy?”

I’m sure they do, Stormie. Just watch, she’ll probably come by.”

“When, Mommy, When? Can I go out and see them?”

“No, Stormie. You’re an indoor cat. You don’t go outside.” (Major pouting on the part of the cat…)

“Hey Stormie, there she is!!! Look! She was just over in the neighbor’s garden, eating their corn and tomatoes!”
Later that same day… in the quiet of the evening… Dear Jane block number I-8 “Pete’s Paintbox” is sewn. What a great day!

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On a Roll!

I’ve been a busy girl the past few days! I completed four more little Dear Jane blocks, and I’m so excited! That means I’ve done 26 blocks, 6 border triangles and 1 corner, for a whopping total of 512 pieces sewn. WoooooHooooo! One happy gal here, incase you couldn’t tell.

  • I also want to share a link with you that is non-quilt related, but certainly worth visiting. Barbara Carson is a sculptor who has some very amazing pieces on her website. Please check it out and be prepared to smile! Barbara lives near the University of Michigan, and is mother to Margaret (my son Loren’s girlfriend).

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