Polka Pots for Samantha

As promised, pictures of the finished quilt:


The quilt I made for granddaughter Samantha for Christmas 2011 is now complete:

Polka Pots

by Caron Mosey

Longarm quilted by Lisa Burmann of Burmann Studios

with Hobbs 80/20 batting


Each block has a different polka dot fabric, as Samantha loves polka dots (that she calls polka POTS).  Her bedroom is lavender and pink, a very girly room.  Thanks to my friend Lisa for the perfect quilting!

Two Goals for Today

I haven’t posted in a few days.  I’ve been busy working on several different things outside of my normal work day.  I have all my pinwheels sewn, and the alternating blocks are now cut, ready and waiting.  I have laid out all the blocks on the bed and positioned them the way I want them. 

Goal #1 for the day: 

blocksSew the blocks together.  I don’t know if I’ll get ALL of them sewn together, but it’s a goal.  This is for Samantha’s twin size bed, but the blocks were laid out on my queen size.

Goal #2 for the day:

Greader2Catch up on my blog reading.  I use Google Reader, which I love, but when the number of items I need to read gets above 30, it puts me into a panic.  Why do I let it do that?  Over the past three days, I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t even scanned the blogs I love.   So to my dismay, this morning the number is three times what I’d like it to be.  But then, I turned around and saw that the Woodworker is on his own Google Reader, and his number is 1000+, so I guess I need to put things into perspective.  It’s not a race, right?  There’s no punishment for having a big number, except now that you know I haven’t read blogs in a few days you might think I’ve been ignoring you.  And in talking about this with the Woodworker, he’s sure I’m off my rocker.  Aren’t you glad YOU don’t live with me? 

Pinwheels are Moving Forward!

I purchased the fabric for the plain blocks and border for Samantha’s quilt, and a cute purple scroll for a very narrow flange that will go just inside the border on the edge of the quilt.  So here’s the plan, Stan:

pink and purple

I wanted the border fabric and the alternating plain blocks to have some color in them, yet not be so busy that the whole quilt gives you a headache to look at it.  So I found this textured pink and purple fabric that I love.  Samantha’s bedroom walls are a light lavender, so this will be perfect (and she loves pink).  And to look at some of the other blocks that are already pieced:

I think it’s going to turn out just fine!

Now for the weekend sewing blitz!

See ya later!

It’s a Good Start

All the half-square triangles are sewn and pressed for Samantha’s quilt.  Here are the first two sewn together into blocks.  Now to assemble all the rest of the pinwheels and choose the right fabric to go in the alternating squares.  Note:  Each pinwheel is made of a different “polka pot” fabric, and there will be lots of color in this quilt.  What to do… what to do…

Samantha’s Polka Pots – Fabric Selection

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Did you read my post “Looking for Polka Pots” ???

My granddaughter Samantha likes pink and purple, but this is going to be a multi-color quilt. I went shopping for fabric and came up with some I love.  I’m still looking though…I didn’t want them all the same size, and I wanted them to be fun polka pots! 

What do you think for the background? It’s going to be a pinwheel pattern with alternating plain blocks. Opinions? Please share in the comment section below!  I’d love to hear from you.

Looking for Polka Pots

Nope, that’s not a typo.  I really am looking for polka pots.  Our little granddaughter Samantha loves polka pots, and I need to make her a quilt for Christmas (to go on her big girl bed).   I’m thinking a pinwheel quilt full of “polka pots.”  Do you know where I can get charm packs of nothing but polka pot fabrics?  Preferably with a lot of pink and purple?

10805 purple

I love the layout in this picture from Vanessa’s website.  Please click on the image below and see the great tutorial she posted on making pinwheels.  Wouldn’t this look cute with polka pots and ballerinas in the white spaces?


Vanessa has a great website… I DO hope you go check it out.  Lots of great projects to look at, and I love the way she writes!

Snow and Pigtails

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It’s a snow day for me here in Mid-Michigan.  No way I could get to work today. 


Dean went out and ran the snowblower, but it’s hard for the birds to get to their food.  Can you peek out the front window through the screen and see their feeders?  They are covered with snow!Sammy3

It’s Groundhog’s Day… and our little groundhog Samantha is three today.  Sammy was born on Groundhog’s Day… I need to dig out some old pictures of myself with my pigtails just like that. 

It’s now 12:30… time for lunch, but I think I’ll get out of my jammies and into some clothes.  Enough lounging around… time to do a little sewing!

Every Bunny Needs Some Bunny Sometime

The little bunny was a gift to me from a 2008 swap partner. She came with a pattern for her apron and “party pants.” She is now ready to go keep granddaughter Samantha company for Easter. The apron and lace are leftover from her christening gown slip.

I also found this photo from back in 1983 or 84…
Guess who?
Happy Quilting!

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