Can You See Me Now?


This big blob of snow, ice and rain is covering almost the entire state of Michigan. I’m under the blue part waving at you. Can you see me? The snow is coming down at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour. Everything around here is closed. Colleges, day care centers, airports… everything. I’m working from home today writing a large proposal. I can do that and stay off the roads. Life is good.

We went to a Christmas program last night that was put on by Jacob and Samantha’s school (really cool day care center). It was in an auditorium with a stage, and the kids did such a good job! Sammy was even on stage, being held by one of her “teachers” doing Jingle Bells. The toddlers all had bells and rattles, which they loved shaking.

Jacob was on with the Pre-Kindergartners, front and center. He knew just what to do, and followed directions to a T. That’s our boy!!! Singing “The Mitten Song”, Jake’s in the front row, black mittens right in the middle.Christmasprogram08

Sammy Sammy sat with us when she wasn’t on stage being adorable… either with Grandpa or with Daddy. This will be a really fun Christmas!


Mish-Mash Mad Dash

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. It’s not like I didn’t want to… my laptop has been on the fritz and the WiFi won’t connect to anything. Looks like I have to mail it to HP, which I definately DON’T want to do, especially this time of year. Geesh! And, of course, it crashed the day my 11 day vacation began. Geesh again! Now I am relegated to sharing Dean’s computer, and not wanting to be a “puter hog,” I try to stay clear of it when he’s home from work.

We had the family over
for dinner at our house on Thanksgiving. It was a fun day, lots of laughter and cuddling. Grandson Jacob loves playing with his Uncle Loren (my youngest son), and Samantha was in a wonderfully playful mood. It’s hard to believe she’s old enough to crawl and pull herself up to stand at the furniture! 10 months old already. Time sure flies!

We woke up on December 1st to our first major snowstorm of the winter. It was very pretty, and all the area schools were closed, giving teachers, children and bus drivers an extra vacation day to add on to the Thanksgiving break. I love it when the snow clings to the trees! This morning when I got up, it looked like a sepia-tone photograph out my back window.

Awhile ago, I showed you this quilt in its early stage. Yesterday, it crawled onto my quilt frame, and today I’ll be working with Millie to begin the quilting process. Here’s Millie’s photo with her hugging the new quilt, officially titled “Simply Squarific.” It is a full-size quilt, approx. 84 by 96 inches.

I announced a Thanksgiving giveaway, and have selected a winner by random number generator.
The winner is…
Nihal of Istanbul! Her blog isn’t a quilt blog, but it is extremely interesting, and I’m happy to send her my book “Contemporary Quilts From Traditional Designs.” Nihal, please contact me so I can get your mailing address.

Now, I’m off to shower and go play with Millie. Have a wonderful day!

owl on our tummy

Jake and Samantha spent the weekend at our house. We had a GREAT time! We played, went to the Harvest Festival in downtown Flushing, read books, did a lot of sleeping (which was a good thing for Grammy), and went for McDonalds.

I’m not fast enough with the camera to grab a smile from Sammy, but I was able to photograph her technique for overcoming sore gums due to teething. She spent most of the weekend sticking her tongue out.

After a morning bath today, we got on our fresh diaper, and I pulled out a purple outfit from her suitcase for her to wear home. To my surprise, it had an OWL on the front. I love owls… wonder if that was planned or just a coincidence?

I sewed another Dear Jane block (E-9 Quilt Jail) when we returned home; but now I need something to do that doesn’t require movement or a brain. The television will probably get turned on… I’m exhausted!
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Sammy’s Crib Quilt

It was the first quilt sewn and quilted on my new machine and frame. Your basic squares, nothing fancy, but all girly fabrics. Pretty simple, because I didn’t know what the quilting would look like after my first experience on the frame.

Now that it’s finished… and washed to give it just the right amount of pucker…

I’m thinking…

NOT TOO BAD for a first try!

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Beach Babies Safely Home

My oldest son and his family returned safely last night from a week-long trip to Daytona Beach. Two of my favorite pictures…

“Sammy – Pretty in Pink” Beach Baby and “Jake the Sand Angel.” These are keepers!

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Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

What a fun weekend! Jake and Sammy spent the night Saturday! Look who doesn’t just lay around anymore! Though she can’t sit on her own yet, Samantha does NOT want to be on her back. Oh, pardon me. Except when she rolls to get where she wants to be. And she’s climbing! And teething (oooooh… owie). Also on some solid foods now. Do you happen to know how absolutely fabulous strained carrots can be? More! More!

Jake, Grammy and Bumpa put together the big dinosaur puzzle. Loads of fun (oh my aching knees). Grammy went to bed at 9:00 PM Sunday night. Wonder why?

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Frolick in the Sun

Those of us who weren’t afraid to put on a bathing suit enjoyed the waters of Waterford yesterday. Samantha opted to snuggle with her Grandpa Dean, while Jake showed off his slick new swimming techniques to his daddy. Lots of fun in the sun, followed by a festive feast along the shore and a bonfire in the evening. Doesn’t get much better than this!

I spent some of the weekend quilting my first quilt on the new Pfaff Grand Quilter. here’s a sneak peek…

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Bathing Beauty Design

“Don’t you think I look gorgeous?”

<–Gotta love the sassy hand flip on this bathing beauty!

Why is it that when we are young, healthy rolls and dimples are acceptable, and fit right into our saucy summer wear. But when we get older… not so much. Why can’t designers come up with some more flattering designs for summer wear (ok, swim wear) for more (ahem) mature frolicking in the sun?

I had a fun evening last night designing “something” for a friend. I explored and pulled out my stash, played with colors and designs and began creating on something to send her way. Lots of fun! No pattern, no plan, just colors, scissors and my trusty old Bernina. Could have stayed there all night if it weren’t for needing sleep!

Have a good day. Try on your bathing suit – they have a way of telling us things we don’t want to hear (but probably should). I’m now at -16 pounds, thanks to Weight Watchers. Another 100 and the suit will look much better.

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Baptism Day for Samantha

Samantha Jane Mosey was baptized today, June 8, 2008 at Flushing United Methodist Church, Flushing, Michigan. Pastor Jeff Jaggers performed the service, and Sammy’s Godparents are her aunt and two uncles: Krista Upthegrove, Kevin Cook and Loren Mosey. The photo above shows my son Sean (left) grandson Jacob in front watching, Pastor Jeff holding Sammy, Sammy’s mom Kim holding Aunt Krista’s hand, my son Loren, and Uncle Kevin in front.

Family photo of our side of the family:

Left to right:

My brother Bob, my dad in front, son Sean (Sammy’s dad), hubby Dean with me in front of him, my son Loren holding his niece Samantha, Dean’s mom Trudy and dad Neil.
I’ll post another photo later of Samantha when I have a better one of her.

Sean, Jacob, Kim and Samantha Mosey

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Remember this pose?

Check out Stormie and the strip pieced quilt here

Apparently she’s not the only girl who likes this chair!!!

Jake and Samantha spent the night Saturday night. Sammy likes sleeping on the leather chair!
A good time was had by all. Excuse me while I go take a nap!

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