30 Things: Number 21


21. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first?invisible

I always thought it would be fun to be able to fly like Superman.  However, I think combining that ability with Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak would be a great thing.

With the ability to fly while wearing an invisibility cloak, I’d be able to swoop into unique situations and hover overhead, watching and listening for all kinds of good information.  Using this skill at work would have advantages.  Also, being able to swoop into the judging room before some of the big quilt contests would be a real boon for me as a quilter. 

Yeah, that would be MARVELOUS!  Look out, world, Suuuuuuuper Caron is coming!


Stormie thinks she has her own invisibility powers as she hides herself beneath this Feathered Star quilt-in-progress.  We looked all over the house for her, until I thought to move the quilt (in its hoop) on the chair.  Yup, there she was!  Crawled in to hide.

hiding January 12.2013

What super power would you like to have?

Mid August in Mid Michigan

It’s a beautiful evening in Mid Michigan.  There are big puffy clouds floating through a blue sky, hubby is mowing the lawn, Stormie is playing with her toys, and I’m shooting silly shots with my camera.  Time to post them and then cut into some gorgeous fabric and start piecing my challenge quilt.

Stormie wakes from a nap…Aug17 001

and immediately has to play.Aug17 006

with several random toys

Aug17 009

The birdbath is surrounded by Artemisia.

Aug17 011

My fish know when it’s time to eat.  I step on the rock that juts out over the pond, and it makes a clunking noise.  They come to the surface and know they’ll be fed.Aug17 015

Time to do something quilty. 

Step away from your computer and go do the same!

My Cat Swears

Dean and I run a cat house.

Don’t take that the wrong way. We have become a home with a cat instead of a dog. Our cat rules the house. We are on her schedule, and she is very vocal about it. We carry on conversations. Yes, actual conversations, and when she thinks we don’t quite understand her, I do believe she gives us “the finger.” I know she swears!

Hubby goes walking at a set time every morning before most humans are awake. As soon as he leaves, I am told of his disappearance… over and over, at full volume, until I get out of bed. Then she has to beat me to the kitchen, cutting me off in quick bursts of energy.

Stormie always has dry food available, but 5 PM is her “dinner time.” That’s when she gets half a can of soft food. 5 PM is not a range of time, it is the exact time she sits in front of her food area and stares at it. She won’t move until the food arrives.

Stormie chatters at the birds. She gets angry when the windows are closed because we think it is either too hot or cold outside. She complains when the “furnace monster” or “air conditioning monster” make noise. She demands we remove her fuzzy and jingly balls out from under the furniture by laying on her belly and staring. Non-stop. And she lets us know things, usually exaggerating.

The cat shown here is not my cat. But I do think it communicates much like ours does.

I wish I understood feline dialect better than I do. But maybe not. I know I’m being called bad words far too often!


Thoughts on Blogging

What draws you to a blog? What makes you come back for more?

I find as I read various blogs – quilt or otherwise – I love to see good pictures. I love to read about what you are doing in your life, be it quilting, writing, art, or what is going on in your family. Who we are 24/7 says a lot about who we are as a person. If I have been reading someone’s blog for a very long time and then all of a sudden they post an entry without photos, but about their life, I will read the entry without hesitation. But if I visit a person’s blog for the first or second time and there are NO photos, I might not come back. I wonder why that is?

What is it about reading blogs that makes you come back for more? Please share in the comment section below, and let’s get a dialogue going.

Speaking about blogging in general, if you have been following someone’s blog regularly for a year or more… faithfully… and leaving regular comments… faithfully… wouldn’t you think you would see your blog listed in their blogroll? Or am I thinking with a junior high mentality? It sometimes just strikes me as odd.

My kitty is not feeling well. I think it’s a hairball. Having long fur, and with her licking all the time, how can it NOT be a hairball? She’s been laying in strange places, making a feeble whine when she meows, and doing things she normally wouldn’t do. Sad, sad Stormie!

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A Basket Case on Saturday

ZZZzzz… Saturday was cold and cloudy. There was even a little rain in the morning. Nothing much to do except be lazy and lay around on quilts… or sew some. Stormie did the laying, I did the sewing. I was pretty much a basket case. Still not feeling my perky self, but sewing baskets. I only completed two, but I’m happy with how they turned out. The background is different in each block on this quilt.

It was back to work today, and of course the sun is shining and the temp is warmer. Ahhh yes, such is the life when you live in Michigan. Anybody in a warmer climate need a guest?

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World’s Best Nurse

Everyone should have a nurse like mine. She follows me everywhere, waits for me outside the shower to make sure I’m alright. Sits on my lap or next to me while I sew. Or sleep. Checks on me throughout the day inbetween her naps. Eats with me. Plays with me. Hugs me. Gives me little kisses. She’s worth more than gold.

Thank you, Stormie!

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Ahhh, A Great Morning With Sunshine and a Kittie

I LOVE mornings when the sun is shining! Even when there are no leaves outside, this time of year when the sun shines early in the day it gives me a feeling of hope. It’s March 14th. Where you are, there might be flowers and leaves and birds chirping. But in Michigan we are just starting to think those things just might be possibilities.
Yes, lots of hope!

I had hopes of sleeping in this morning. My usual “get-up-and-go” time is 5:45 AM. Today I “slept” until 7:30. Slept is not the right word, though. Dean nicely shut the bedroom door when he got up at 5 AM. But Stormie missed her mom, so she sat outside the door for what seemed like hours going MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW! MEOW!

You get the idea. She knew I was not a happy mommy, as when I got up she was nowhere to be found. Until I started crawling around looking in lower, hidden places. Like this.
Under the guest bed dust ruffle, on top of, and then behind the exercise mat.

Kitty Kids… you just have to love ’em.

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Hey Dad, Look!

“Hey Dad, look out the window!”

“What, Stormie!”
“Look Dad, the baby deer are back with their mommy! Get the camera!”

“Take my picture with the deer, Dad!”

“Stormie, I can’t take your picture with the deer. They are outside, you are in.”

“But Dad, Mom always takes my picture WITH the animals that come to visit me!”

“Stormie, if I stop to take your picture, the deer will leave before I get their picture.”

“Dad, you just don’t get it! You can take all of us in one picture! Mom can do it!”

“Stormie, Mom is at work. Now let me take their picture.”

“Okay, but Mom is going to be REALLY mad at you, Dad. I’m supposed to be in every picture with other animals. Bugs, too. It’s MY house!”
“Ahhhh, I see. You own the house?”
“Mom thinks so.”

Hey Mom, These Are Scary!

“Hey Mom, I spotted something else. Come see!”

“Stormie, you have to move. I can’t see what you’re looking at.”

“Is this better? What are these? Can I go get them?”

“No, Stormie. Those are insects of some kind. They have to stay outside, and you have to stay inside.”

“Can I swat at them from in here?”

Stormie, always doing her job to keep an eye on our world to protect us from the elements and beasts that go bump in the night.


Here are two last clues for the give away I first posted here. And then here. It has a theme… can you figure it out? Take a guess and post it in the comments. The person who comes closest will win… something related to the theme. If you think you know the theme, post your answer in the comments below this post. I will announce the winner on Saturday, September 6th, 2008.

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A Corner Slice of Applique

I worked on a corner of my latest quilt last night…

Stormie watched, of course. This is her favorite spot lately… Daddy’s computer chair, right in front of the front window. She runs and hits it just right so it spins and she faces out the window. Not real happy that I turned the chair to take her picture. Their was a bird in the birdbath just outside the window.
Cackle cackle.

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