New Tree, New Quilt

On Arbor Day, I posted that I picked up a free tree from the City of Flushing, called “The Stick.” Dean planted it for me, put a stake on it and tied it with a bright flourescent ribbon so that we could see it from the house. Also, we’re hoping the deer will not eat it if it is all fancy and staked. It’s out in the “naturalized” (ignored) part of the yard, so it can grow big and spread out it’s roots and branches. Stay tuned.

I finished my “Circle of Friends” quilt today, binding and all. It was hard to get a good photo of it with Stormie around. She insisted on being in every photo. So did Dean’s foot. I have one block I need to alter, now that it is all quilted and bound (ARGH!). Top, right corner. As I was rounding the corner up there and finishing the binding, I noticed that about every other black triangle that runs through the middle of the square is ripped and frayed. I don’t know if that is because this top had been stored in my basement, or if the fabric was really old, or if the cat’s back claws popped through it, but it needs fixing. Here is a closeup of the block, taken before the hand quilting was started. I will take a more professional photo after that block is fixed.

I think I will replace the red/black part with a color that better blends with the rest of the blocks.

The quilt was started in 1987 when I was planning a new book on circular quilt patterns. The blocks were sent to me by nine different quilters across America, and each quilter received a payment for their contribution and signed a release allowing it to be published by me. The book did not materialize, and after I sewed their blocks together, I put the quilt away for later. Now is later! I’ve been working on finishing my UFO’s. I don’t know why having UFO’s bothers me at this stage of the game, but I’ve become dedicated to finishing them. Do you ever feel like that?

My cardiac cath test is this Tuesday, May 5th. Tomorrow, Monday, I have to spend the day popping pills in preparation. The dye that is used is something that I am allergic to, so Benedryl and mega doses of Prednisone will be my friend. I also have to swallow 8 Plavix pills tomorrow night to thin my blood. That scares me! I’ve talked to enough people that have had the procedure and said it wasn’t difficult. But that was them, not me. I’m feeling better about the test itself. I know I am in good hands… Dr. Rivera’s and God’s. My concern is what he will find while he is doing it. DEEP BREATH…

I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. My test is at 8 AM, Michigan time. If you are also a believer, please join my family and friends in a prayer that day. You know I will be praying!

Happy Sunday, Friends!

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Free Tree! Free Tree!

The Stick
Yesterday, the City of Flushing gave away free Black Cherry trees for Arbor Day. All you had to do was show up and grab one in the driveway of city hall.

Here is mine. Charlie Brown would be so proud of the City of Flushing.

I don’t think my grandchildren will get to swing from a tire swing on this tree. Maybe my great, great grandchildren?

It’s a STICK, for crying out loud!!! Handed to me wrapped in a wet paper towel. A frickin STICK!
I hope I can manage digging the huge hole this baby will need. Maybe I better have Dean dig it for me. I’ve been very weak lately. I promise I will post regular photos of the growth progress of this tree. I know you will be interested and check back regularly.

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