A UFO… And it isn’t in the air (yet)

I’m determined to finish my UFO’s and improve my sense of organization. (YEAH, RIGHT). No, really!!! I made this block tonight to help finish a quilt I started over a year ago. It’s not going to be a large quilt, more like a medium-sized wall hanging. It has a theme… can you figure it out? Take a guess and post it in the comments. The person who comes closest will win… something. Not sure what yet – let’s make that a mystery! If two or more people come close to guessing the right answer, I’ll draw a name from that group. HINT: Read the title.
I’ve spent a lot of time lately on Etsy looking around at all kinds of things, especially quilts. There are some really nice things, and then there are some, well, not quite as nice items. Some of the prices SHOCK me!!! How can you make a full-sized (or Queen or King, even) quilt and only charge $170? The fabric and materials alone would come close with today’s fabric prices at just under $10.00 per yard! Front, back and batting… plus the time you put into the quilt has to count for SOMETHING, doesn’t it? I’d like to see prices be affordable for people, but I think on the other hand, if we don’t start upping the prices we are giving away our artistic talent and hundreds of hours of our time for very, very little.
I took a look at some very gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics online today (not on Etsy). They were fabulous, and priced between $15 – #30 for under one yard. Ridiculous? I don’t think so! Someone bought the dye, mixed the colors, bought the other solutions and powders to complete the process, paid for the fabric, spent the time dying, cleaning up, cutting, ironing, etc. That time has to count for something. Here are a few of my favorites; take a peek!
Visit Etsy yourself and do a search for quilts. You’ll be surprised what you find!

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I have made a challenge for myself: to complete all the UFO’s in my cabinet downstairs. Some are single blocks, some partially completed quilt tops; a whole mixture of things I started in another life and want to complete.

At some point in time in the 1980’s, I became obsessed with circular quilt blocks. These two blocks were two that I drafted myself and stitched. Now I’m intent on including them in a larger quilt as a focal point, but not sure just how I want to do it. I’m thinking of making them part of a medallion in the center with a variation of a Mariner’s Compass to hold them together. These blocks were made during my “blue phase” – blue as in the color, not as in being depressed! 🙂

I have very little in my house that is blue now, leaning more toward greens and beiges. So, finding the colors I want for the quilt has been something of a dilemma. I think I finally have found my palette in the photo below. Notice the absence of green! Not only have I made a goal to complete these two UFO blocks, but to stray away from green in a quilt (which will please my daughter-in-law Kim, who I am sure is tired of seeing green everywhere in my house!) I noticed when I selected the fabrics that there is a paisley theme in several of them. Hmmm. Wonder if I could run with that…

Time to get out the pencil and paper and sketch this thing out. I know something exciting is bouncing around in my brain, just not sure what!