Yes We Can, Jane Finished Quilt

I managed to get the quilt out this morning for a few photos, but it was hard to get a good shot where the sun wasn’t blasting on it… this is about as good as I could do this morning.  I need to find a solid white wall to photograph this on for a final good photo for our book.

This quilt is titled, “Yes We Can, Jane” and is a group effort to create a quilt for President Obama. Blocks were made by the following quilters around the world:
Alicia Bell
Andrea Koziol
Barbara Daniel Cissne
Barbara DeNike
Betty Grant
Betty McPeck
Brenda Groelz
Caroline Van Maele
Carolyn Davis
Carolynn Maupin
Caron Mosey
Carrie Dominguez
Cathi O’Neill
Cheryl Camp
Christine Olson
Cindy Pucci
Cindy Temple
Connie Lukacs
Deborah Schultz
Diane Rode Schneck
Elaine Petrik
Elizabeth Brandt
Fernande Authuys
Gayle McKay
Holly Sweet
Janice Erickson
Janice Kelley
Jean Amundsen
Jeannine Hanner
Jo Spindle
Johnnie McCallum    
Josianne Robb
Judy Cain
Judy Lindsay
Kathy J Havelka
Kathy Timmons
Linda Boyle
Linda Frihart
Linda Jones
Linda Starkey
Lindy Dare
Liz Ewing
Marianna Bergkamp
Martha Bilski
Martha Bilski
Michelle Robinson
Nancee Marchinowski
Oberia  Williams
Patti Baymiller
Ruth Davis
Ruth Garrett
Ruth Gregg
Sharon Rogers
Sue Mohr
Susan Mina
Susan Sweeten
Susanne Hilton
Theresa Wells
Valerie Langue
The design and assembly for the top was done by Kathy Timmons,
hand quilting and binding by Caron Mosey.

Really? You Prewash ALL of your fabric?


The Obama quilt was washed today… all day long.  I followed the directions from a quilter/hand dyer that I have a lot of trust and respect for… Vicki Welch.  I followed her directions from her blog to a T, and added color catchers to the mix for good luck.  The quilt passed inspection after washing and  is now in the dryer.  but I wanted to share a picture of the color catchers with you, and I hope you will take a good look at them.  Click on the photo to enlarge, please.

All fabric used in the quilt was supposed to have been prewashed before using.  Several quilters have admitted that they didn’t prewash.  Do you see the color in the picture?  Those color catchers are sitting on my WHITE WASHING MACHINE.  The color catchers grab loose dye in the water and hold on to it.  If they weren’t in there, guess where the loose dye would have gone?   Yup, on the quilt.

This is why I always, always, always prewash my fabrics.  I don’t allow any fabrics that haven’t first met Mr. Washer and Mr. Dryer to enter my sewing area. 

Please do yourself a favor… ALWAYS PREWASH!  It doesn’t hurt you.

It helps you and your finished product.

Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 20

The quilting is now complete, and all that remains to be done is:

  • A hanging sleeve for the back
  • Sewing the binding on by machine
  • Hand stitching the binding closed with mitered corners
  • Washing the quilt (gasp)
  • Sewing on the label (still unsure as to who will be making the label)
IMG_1370 Duff’s Bluff by Elizabeth Brandt
IMG_1372 Bright Star by Nancee Marchinowski
IMG_1373 God’s Eye by Carrie Dominguez
IMG_1377 Block by Sue Mohr
IMG_1380 Block by Valerie Langue
IMG_1381 Block by Valerie Langue
IMG_1384 Lemoyne Star by Betty Grant
IMG_1407 Michelle’s Garden by Ruth Davis
This little block has 33 pieces in it!
IMG_1417 Ohio Star by Ruth Garrett
IMG_1419 Brandon’s Star by Fernande Authuys
IMG_1412 A larger photo will be posted after the steps at the top of this post have been taken. 


Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 19

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! 

It’s a beautiful day in Michigan… hope your day is just as lovely!

Just a few pictures today to update you on the process of the quilt.  The quilting is almost finished!

E3 Basket by Linda Frihart
H3 Flowers by Betty Grant
I3 Star by Linda Frihart
J3 Pink flower by Andrea Kozoil

A reminder to all the ladies who have participated in the making of the Obama quilt:  If you haven’t yet sent Elizabeth a photo of yourself, please do so ASAP.  She is waiting on those.  If you don’t remember how to contact her using her email, please use our Yahoo group to get a message to her or to post your photo in your photo album on the site.

We are also looking for someone to make the label for the quilt.  If labels are “your thing,” please contact me (Caron) and let me know.  An embroidered label would be lovely!


Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 18

Sorry for my blog absence… I‘ve received lots of emails wondering if I was OK. Other than a little upset tummy on Friday, I have been fine.  We had a major storm blow through the State of Michigan , and the area where I live had what some are calling the “Hundred Year Flood.”  Schools all through our county (Genesee) were closed Friday, and because of my icky tummy I was up all night watching the lightening and listening to the rain and hail beat on our house. 


I took the photo below around the corner from my house.  This yard sits next to a small creek, that flooded up hill into the yard almost to the driveway.

Flood2I opted to stay home on Friday, catch up on sleep, and work on our quilt.  I’ve tried to stay away from the computer as much as possible lately  and focus more time on finishing the quilting.  The photos below show more completions, but it isn’t finished yet!

IMG_1157 The Pace of Congress by Gayle McKay
Papa’s Star for Malia by Linda Starkey star
IMG_1170 Opening Gates by Kathy Timmons
Hexagon Flower by Valerie Langue IMG_1173
IMG_1174 Flag by Jeannine Hanner
Obama’s 2009 Halloween by Caroline Van Maele IMG_1176
IMG_1178 Block by Linda Starkey
Block by Christine Olson IMG_1182
IMG_1225 Heart and Hand by Ruth Gregg
Town Square by Kathy Timmons IMG_1226
IMG_1227 Pineapple by Judy Lindsay
Tennessee by Kathy Timmons IMG_1228
IMG_1230 Washington’s Puzzle by Kathy Timmons
Kimono With Obi, by Gayle McKay IMG_1231

More to come!  We’re nearing the finish line!

Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 17


Bird on a Branch
by Elizabeth Brandt

Obama s First Christmas
by Caroline Van Maele


Charm Basket
by Susan Mina

Flying Geese Nine Patch
by Jean Amundsen




Log Cabin
by Linda Frihart


Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 16


Here is the most current update on the quilting:


Album block by
Fernande Authuys

Housing Crisis
by Caron Mosey


Eagle by
Judy Lindsay

Nobel Peace Prize
by Caron Mosey


by Kathy Timmons

Earth by 
Elizabeth Brandt


Auto Industry
by Caron Mosey

Campaign for Change Logo by Patti Baymiller


Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 15

I spent yesterday morning at work (my day job) moving into a new office.  It is one I will be sharing with three other people, and it meant downsizing for me, which is never easy.  But I’m becoming comfortable in my new space, and anxious to see who will be sharing it with me.


Here are the most recently completed blocks in the Obama quilt:

wrench Monkey Wrench by Cindi Pucci
Challenge, Kathy Timmons IMG_0917
IMG_0918 Hawaii, Kathy Timmons
Meeting Place, Kathy Timmons IMG_0912
IMG_0910 Thousands of Diamonds by Sue Sweeten
Reflections Abound by Nancee Marchinowski IMG_0908


Suggestions for making a quilt with an online quilt group


logoOn Feb 8, 2009, the Yahoo group “Yes We Can, Jane” was started by a few quilters who wanted to make a quilt for the newest President of the United States, Barack Obama. We are now nearing the end of our project, as the quilt will be completed within a few months when the hand quilting and binding are finished.  The project has been filled with a mixture of emotions, from elation, excitement, joy, friendship, creativity, frustration,  competition, and yes, anger.  There are probably some feelings I have left out, but all-in-all it has been a pleasurable undertaking.

I’ve been hand quilting for almost two days solid now, and as I let my fingers relax a little, I thought this might be a good time to provide you with a list of suggestions for any future online group endeavor, should you wish to create your OWN group quilt.

1. You will need, at a minimum, 2 moderators for the group.  The moderators will serve as leaders and organizers, setting guidelines and deadlines.  The moderators should be well-matched, as they will need to lean on each other for the duration of the project. They need not live in close proximity to each other; as ours was an online quilt group, we were connected by email, texts, etc.

2. Before you ever begin, set the timeline, rules and guidelines for the project.  While the timelines may be somewhat flexible in scope, the rules and guidelines must be iron-clad. 

3. A group quilt needs something to tie it together.  In our project, we were able to provide each individual quilter with a piece of fabric from the same cloth (see photo below).  Our ivory colored fabric was a donation from a generous individual; if you don’t have a donor, make sure you over estimate the amount of fabric you will need, and purchase accordingly. 

4. Since each quilter will probably use his or her own fabric to go with the background fabric to make their block, it is CRITICAL that all of their fabric be prewashed and checked for color fastness.  That should be RULE #1.

5. RULE #2 must state that upon mailing finished blocks to the “keeper of the blocks,” a 2.5 or 3 inch square of each of the fabrics used in the block be cut to the predetermined size and be mailed with the finished block.  These fabrics will then be used  by a member of the team to check for color fastness.  This is done by making a small patchwork quilt, alternating the background fabric with every single fabric that has been included in the quilt.  Once this small patchwork quilt has been sewn, it should then be tossed into a sink full of very hot water and left to soak for 30 minutes.  It is then rinsed, dried, and examined for any dye runs.   If any fabrics have not passed the color fastness test, any block with those fabrics should be eliminated without question or guilty feelings.  If any quilter does NOT include the sample swatches, their block should also be eliminated without question.

6.  Guidelines for quality control must be stipulated. Take time to think about what you want the finished quilt to look like.  What color theme?  What color style?  Traditional?  Contemporary?  Modern?  Civil War?  Pastel?

7.  Provide all quilters with the basics of applique and piecing.  Discuss thread type.  discuss size of stitching.  NOTE:  To eliminate this step is a major mistake, as every quilter on the planet has been taught different techniques or has been self-taught.  It is wise to discuss the kind of thread to use.  Thread used for hand quilting is NOT suitable for hand applique or for piecing. 

8.  Determine what jobs are needed for your project.  Who will sew the top together when your blocks are completed?  Who will receive the mailed blocks?  How will the quilt be quilted?  Who will quilt it?  Do the members of the group need to make afinancial contribution to assist with the quilting or the purchase of the background fabric?

9.  Make sure that each block arrives with the full name and address of the maker, their email address, and name of their block.  NOTE:  It is wise to stipulate that if any quilter does not wish his or her full  name to be used in public, this is not a project they should participate in.  It is too difficult to bend the rules for some and not for all, and it is hard to keep track of any variations. 

10.  Take a photo of each block as the envelopes are opened by the “keeper of the blocks.”  Each photo should then be assigned a number, and the name of the quilter and the block should go with each photo.


#28 Caron Mosey, Auto Industry.


11.  At all times, keep good communication with your group members.  Let them know what is going on, share the progress, discuss any issues or struggles, and let everyone have input.  Not everyone will agree 100 percent of the time.  Be prepared for that!  When your project is completed, have a celebration together.  In some way, you all need to celebrate your victory. 

A group project via an Internet quilting group is a fun activity that will bring quilters together from all walks of life and all parts of the globe.  Enjoy the process!

If you have participated in or organized an Internet quilt project, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts and suggestions on the process!  We’d love to hear from you!

Yes We Can, Jane quilt update number 14


It’s allergy season in Michigan, much to my dismay.  I spent the afternoon yesterday quilting and dealing with itchy eyes and drippy nose, but got a lot of stitching accomplished.  More quilting will happen today, as nothing has changed regarding my allergy symptoms. But it does give me almost a full day of quilting, listening to podcasts, and watching HGTV.

IMG_0906 Pinwheel  by Andrea Koziol
Jewel Star by Kathy Timmons IMG_0794
IMG_0799 Bachelor Buttons by Linda Boyle
Michelle’s Medley by Barbara De Nike
IMG_0807 Arizona Cactus Flower by Susan Mina
Star  of  Destiny by  Jean Amundsen IMG_0896
IMG_0898 Doris’ Dilemma by Kathy Timmons
Reflections Abound by Nancee Marchinowski IMG_0900
IMG_0903 Maze of Madness by Kathy Havelka
Church Windows by  Barbara De Nike IMG_0904
IMG_0905 Doris’ Dilemma  Andrea Koziol