This is a small collection of the quilts made by Caron.  


Floral Star of Bethlehem

Machine pieced, hand appliquéd and quilted, with embroidery.  My father was a florist.  I worked with him in the flower shop from the time 

I was a toddler and knew how to push a broom.  I loved learning how to arrange flowers, and carried that love into this free-style applique’.  I didn’t want to draw a pattern for the floral areas; that seemed to stiff and planned at the time.  So petals and leaves were created and sewed down “where they wanted to be.”  Embroidery was added to give the flowers dimension.  Many of the fabrics were hand dyed.



Bars With Stars, 1983 Caron Mosey

This quilt was machine pieced and hand quilted on a quilt frame that my husband made for me.  It was designed to look like antique Amish quilts, a look that I adore.  I love the bold graphic nature of the stripes!  The center quilting motif – a star with scallops joining the points – is surrounded by a laurel wreath.  Baptist fans adorn the outside border. 





 Chinese Coins, 1986 Caron Mosey

Another quilt reminiscent of antique Amish quilts.  I gathered up all the solid color fabrics I had lying around my house and started stitching strips together in a random manner.  Some of the colors were hand dyed in my back yard.  This is also hand quilted and serves as one of our favorite wall coverings in our Michigan home.






6b000-fromthewoodstothewater1983From The Woods To The Water – Private Collection









95485-flushingsesquicentennialFlushing Sesquicentennial Quilt 

Property of the Flushing Historical Society









Jack’s Beanstalk










Lady of the Lake











Ocean Waves

1985 Caron Mosey

Machine pieced, hand quilted; This is one of my favorite quilts.  It is made of scraps in blues and greens, with a warm brown and gold border.  The quilt fits a full-size bed.




Feathered Crown








Tumbling BlocksTumbling Blocks

1986 Caron Mosey

This quilt was hand pieced and hand quilted.  I was traveling a lot during the time I made this quilt; hand piecing made it very simple to stitch while sitting on an airplane or in the airport.  






DSC01710 Windy Nights: A Tribut to Robert Louis Stephenson










Loren and Margaret’s Wedding Quilt, July 2010









CircleofFriends1988.2009Circle of Friends (adopted by Stormie)

This quilt was quilted by me, but not designed by me.  It is a collection of nine blocks designed by nine different quilters as part of a contest to design a circular block based on a traditional square pattern.  Thanks to Donna A. Duncan from Eminence, Kentucky for the block in the top left corner. I wish I knew the names of the other designers, but alas, those names were lost during a flood that damaged the contents of our basement where records were kept.

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