2016: A New Year of Change

Dear Hubby and I celebrated the end of 2015 in a glorious manner… Going to bed before midnight.  There is nothing special about that, as that is our usual habit seven days each week.  We watched the movie “Mad Max,” and while I didn’t totally understand it, it kept my attention and at least I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of it.  It did, however, scare our cat.

There is nothing wrong with habits… a routine can be comforting, and goodness knows we have a lot of routines in our home.  But there comes a time when the routine needs to be shaken up and stirred.  Thus begins our new year.

Dear Hubby has made a change in his work life as he gradually eases his way into retirement.  Oh, he’ll keep being the Woodworker/Refinisher, but in a different manner… a more relaxed pace.  I don’t see him ever stopping his love for woodworking… he loves to build furniture and experiment with design, and he is fantastic at that.  Just as quilting is a part of who I am, woodworking is a major part of who he is. How he creates and where he creates, however, is up for change.  It is a change that is both exciting and a bit scary.  I think all things new and unknown have a tendency to be that way, don’t you?

2015 found me leaving one job that was very stressful and returning to a career that I found exciting some 7-8 years ago.  I joined a real estate team in town that I have the utmost respect for, and am surrounded by like-minded people who are supportive, fun, full of integrity, and faithful Christians.  That is important to me.  My schedule is somewhat set by me, and I love the freedom it offers.

There is a possibility that Dear Hubby and I will be moving into a different home.  It is exciting, yet a little unsettling, as nothing is written in stone. I love to dream, and am envisioning various new kitchen designs, hardwood floors, a big sliding glass door, and so much more.   Time will tell if they come into fruition.

I think for 2016, the word that best seems to set our goal for the new year is FLEXIBILITY.  How about you?  Do you have a word in mind that could be a focus for 2016?


Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!



A Strange Christmas

As I write this, Christmas is a little under a week away, and the wrapping of gifts has begun.  It’s been a crazy few weeks around our house, with too much going on and too many changes taking place.  My goal was to be posting on this blog daily through the end of the year, but I’ve been lucky if I remember to brush my teeth on a daily basis.  Yeah, it’s been that crazy.

I started a new job… something that I had done previously, but took a 7 year vacation from .  I’m back in real estate, and loving it at the Lucy Ham Group, Inc. in Flushing, Michigan.  You hear about businesses  and organizations working as a team a lot, but never have I witnessed a business that truly knows how it is done.  Until now.  This group really pulls it off, and I am honored to be a part of it.  It is nice to feel so welcomed and made to feel like an integral part of the whole.  Thanks, guys!

This will be the first Christmas that all four of our parents will not be in attendance, and it feels strange.  My mother has been gone almost 8 years, and my father spends his holiday in a warmer location.  My mother-in-law passed away two years ago, and my father-in-law is now unable to attend due to dementia and physical problems.

However, on the plus side, this is our grandson Carson’s first Christmas.  At four months old, he will be wondering what all the excitement is about.  We’re really looking forward to this!


Jacob, Fischer and Samantha will be around to help their little cousin through the excitement.  What a joy this will be for the entire Mosey bunch!

Here’s hoping the next few days calm down so we can breathe.  How about you?  What is going on in your world?

Santa, Are We Done Yet?


For the grandkids:

  • pants and shirt, size 12 male – check
  • pants and shirt, size 4 male – check
  • pants and shirt, size 6 months,  male – check
  • 2 shirts, size 8 female – check
  • goodies for the kids over age 30 – check, check, check and check
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff – check
  • artist’s easel and art supplies – check
  • Robot – check
  • Goodies for the spouse – Spouse is getting a lump of coal for not giving Mrs. Claus a Christmas list.




Tired of Politics Already?



I enjoy Facebook, most of the time, anyway.    But during times like this, with a huge election down the road and candidates who leave much to be desired, I may just back off social media for awhile.  I may spend a WHOLE lot more time quilting by hand, in a comfy chair, with a hot cup of tea or cocoa on the table next to me, a cat on my lap…

Yeah, that sounds better.  How about you?

The Messiah – Flint, Michigan

We were given tickets to attend a performance of The Messiah for Friday night’s performance.  A high school friend was one of the conductors, and four area high school choirs and the New Century Chorale joined together at Flint Central Church of the Nazarene for the performance.


It was delightful to see so many high school students singing flawlessly, and the soloists included high schoolers as well as adults.  Such a beautiful performance – and the Hallelujah Chorus always makes me tear up!  The students knew exactly what to do of every single minute of the evening. As four different high school groups working toward the same goal, I know their hours practicing as separate schools… and then combined… were long and difficult.  It sure paid off!

One thing that kept going through my head was what a wonderful memory this will give all the students.  They will remember this for the rest of their lives!  It brought back memories for me.  When I was a senior in high school, I also attended Mott Community College.  That year, I was a member of the Flint Symphonic Choir.  Led by Conductor William C. Byrd, we performed the Messiah at Flint’s Whiting Auditorium.  I remember looking down at the Flint Symphony Orchestra in the orchestra pit, and looking out at the audience in that gorgeous auditorium, and thinking how special it was.

Thanks to all those who had a part in Friday night’s performance.  Your efforts were flawless, and your work sent chills down my spine.

For the Lord God omnipotent reigneth!


Quilting and Tendonitis Don’t Mix

I want to hand quilt OH so much!  Hand quilting helps me relax, and I need that right now.  I started a new job, Christmas is coming, lots to do, and I want to sit and stitch my evenings away.


tennis.elbowI have tendonitis in my left arm. They call it “Tennis Elbow,” but I call it “Quilter’s Elbow.”  It’s the arm that goes underneath my hoop (left) while my right hand does the stitching.  It hurts like the dickens!



I’m putting Biofreeze on it, taking Tylenol, got a splint at the drug store that I’m wearing, but nothing is helping enough.


Quilter’s Books!

I feel like I’m living in a library… I have so many books on the shelves and have read most of them all… it’s time they visited someone else’s house!  These books are all in GREAT condition…

If you are interested in any of these, please send an email to HandQuiltingSupplies@gmail.com and let me know which ones you want. I will let you know total cost including shipping and give you PayPal instructions.  Will ship to U.S.A. only.When you email me, please include your name and mailing address.

Books by Jennifer Chiaverini:

  • The Master Quilter (paper back) was $14.00 new, yours for $5.00 + S&H
  • Circle of Quilters (paper back) was $14.00 new, yours for $5.00 + S&H
  • The Quilter’s Homecoming  (paper back) was $14.00 new, yours for $5.00 + S&H
  • The Sugar Camp Quilt (paper back) was $14.00 new, yours for $5.00 + S&H
  • The Cross-Country Quilters (paper back) was $14.00 new, yours for $5.00 + S&H
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