Are You a Trend Follower?

What is a “trend follower?” Jonah Berger is a marketing professor of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, and he studies trends.  In the MarketPlace post, “Why we follow trends (even bad ones)”, the reasons people pass on information and, thereby, induce trends, are numerous. For some, it is about keeping up with the Joneses — people want to appear to be “in the know rather than behind the times,” said Berger.

We follow trends in language.  Think about how slang comes to be a regular part of our speech.  “Ohhhh, SNAP!”  “I love the bling she’s wearing!”  “Oops, my bad!” These are all examples of slang that has become trendy.  

We follow trends in fashion.  Fashion trends come and go, and most of us can remember back to our younger days and see those styles which are back on the racks today.  The maxi skirt?  Yes, I own one.  Ok, make that two.  Boots with dresses.  Scarfs worn with everything.  Wide ties.  Narrow ties.  Stripes, pants with cuffs. Big purses and so much more.

Trends in quilts!  Oh yes, we do follow them!  Fabric lines, shapes, blocks, methods used to sew and quilt… all trends that many of us are guilty of.  And to entice us to follow quilt trends, there are patterns for so many quilts and oh yes, we just have to make that!   Oh, and that one!   Wait… this other one has to be the one I do next!

I love this quote by Mike Shell:  “The successful will do on a daily basis what the average won’t consider doing even once.”  Ponder that!

When it comes to quilting, are you a trend follower or an independent thinker?  How creative are you?  Here are a few articles to read that speak to improving your over-all creative abilities.  They are worth checking out!

SnowflakeI love how my friend Tim Latimer (fabulous, creative quilter) has a blast every year around this time making paper snowflakes.  if you haven’t seen them, please visit his recent blog post     and then give it a try yourself. Let go – take a chance – experiment.  If one snowflake doesn’t work, it’s only a sheet of paper! Grab a new one and give it another try.  It’s so much fun!

When was the last time you just played with paper?